MT2 Firing Range Services Taught Webinar for the NRA Titled: “Critical Shooting Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements.”

The NRA is committed to providing assistance to its affiliated clubs and ranges across the country. The NRA Clubs & Associations Department provides services and assistance to a network of over 15,000 NRA affiliated clubs, associations, and businesses. Through their NRA Explore program, shooting ranges can learn from one-hour webinar…

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BV Buster Introducing Game-Changing Air Disinfection and Sanitization Systems to Save Lives, Save Businesses and Prevent Infection.

In typical, daily environments, individuals may be exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses and other substances that are damaging to overall health and well-being. Continuing into 2021, millions worldwide are faced with the threat of the Covid-19 virus and have been watchful for products that will enable them to maintain safer surroundings.

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Hemi-Sync®’s Revolutionary Technology: Manage Stress, Promotes Wellness and Improve Overall Quality of Life

Garrett Stevens Hemi-Sync®’s Revolutionary Technology

Imagine having the ability to connect with deeper meditative states that can help manage stress, improve wellness, provide extraordinary levels of relaxation, and improve your overall quality of life. The brain controls all body activities, ranging from heart rate and breathing to emotion, learning and memory. Researchers have speculated that…

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