10 Top Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020

Ten Top Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020 by Mark Stephen Pooler

As the clock struck midnight on January 1st, and millions of people began their New Year’s resolutions, who would have imagined that 2020 would bring a global pandemic and headline-making events to our very own doorsteps?

Nonetheless, with every crisis comes opportunity, and nowhere has that been more prevalent than the online marketing world.

In other words, brick and mortar businesses have been ‘forced’ to pivot and view digital marketing as a necessity, as opposed to a luxury for the survival of their businesses, literally!

When you think about how businesses had to adapt to using online ordering, Zoom meetings, and instigating digital advertising for the first time, you begin to build up a picture of the new reality.

However, and maybe even fueled by those changes, ‘entrepreneurship’ found itself on the rise. There has never been a better time to build an online social media presence to compliment a business than now.

With that, below, (and in no particular order) are 10 Top Entrepreneurs to Follow In 2020 who have managed to build and maintain successful businesses before, during, and will no doubt continue to do so; long after these uncertain times have passed.

Each one of them is a subject matter expert in their respective fields and has reached the list based on their unique abilities to keep their businesses growing, no matter what challenges they face.

1. Sammy Blindell – The Brand Builder

Sammy Blindell - The Brand BuilderSammy is a multi-award winning international speaker, seven-time best-selling author, and Chief Visionary Officer behind The Brand Builders Club and One Drop Movement.

Having spent thirteen years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, Sammy built six more companies in the business growth sector. She launched the online resource, “How to Build a Brand” in 2014, taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks with her first book and online program. She has since developed 72 online products and over 1000 online courses to support small businesses with big ideas.

In February 2017, she launched the Brand Builders Club which now has hundreds of members internationally. Her Global movement ‘One Drop’ was founded in April 2019 to unite millions of purpose-driven Change Makers on a mission to create a better world through collaborating rather than competing.


2. Andréa Albright – CEO, Publisher & Visionary Entrepreneur

Andréa Albright - CEO, Publisher & Visionary EntrepreneurAndréa Albright founded Beverly Hills Publishing to deliver a full-service, 7-star publishing and marketing experience to thought leaders who are ready to publish their book, create a movement, and share their vision with the world in 90 days.

Beverly Hills Publishing is disrupting the publishing industry by creating the marketing strategy and aligning the book with the market first.

Andréa Albright is on a mission to start an author revolution by removing all the obstacles, fears, and writer’s block that arise from writing a book. The writing is done by top-notch ghostwriters and storytellers in only 90 days.

Andréa Albright is an entrepreneur to follow because her mission is to take the vision out of your head and into a book… effortlessly.

“Combining a savvy understanding of marketing, publishing, visibility, and profitability, Andréa helps authors, entrepreneurs, and experts gain engaged audiences in extremely competitive markets so their book becomes a meaningful legacy.”


3. Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo – #1 Hispanic High-End Business Mentor & Coach 

Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo - #1 Hispanic High-End Business Mentor & Coach Héctor has had an extremely diverse and exciting business career. He founded a production company, a modeling agency, two international magazines (fashion and business profiles), a global Hispanic business network, and the largest business and training online platform for Hispanic entrepreneurs in the world.

He also became, especially in the past two years, an extremely successful business coach, mentoring businessmen and businesswomen from all five continents.

Today, at 41 years old, Héctor is not only an international speaker and Award-winning best-selling author, but he is also one of the most sought after high-end business mentors and coaches. He is also the creator of some of the superlative and most exclusive and private retreat events under the sky.

Héctor will go down in history for two main reasons: as the first Uruguayan military to become a millionaire; and as the host of the most exciting mastermind retreats in the world!


4. Valerie Prasetyo – Independent Women

Valerie Prasetyo - Independent WomenIf you think of modern Women Leadership in the 21st century, you may think of Valerie Prasetyo. Having overcome painful hardships in her life, she now helps other women to connect to their true self and step into their power. Not only is her story inspiring, but she empowers women from all over the world.

Her first major breakthrough was a journey from underdog to winning the world-championship as an athlete. Her book “Unleash Your Inner Champion” entered the marketplace as a bestseller on Amazon.

With her movement of “Independent Women”, Valerie has transformed and is transforming the lives of individuals who want to obtain freedom on financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Turning ordinary women into extraordinary leaders is what drives her every single day and her platform offers everyone to start from wherever they are to step into her true power, find her voice, and thrive.


5. Tonya McNeal-Weary – Global Entrepreneur and International Business Expert

Tonya McNeal Weary Global Entrepreneur and International Business ExpertTonya McNeal-Weary is the Founder and Managing Director of IBS Global Consulting, a global management consulting firm that specializes in helping companies expand internationally.

Known as “The Global Business Advisor,” Tonya is an award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs connect to global markets.

She is a global startup advisor and travels to countries around the world inspiring other entrepreneurs to “Think Global” and develop disruptive marketing strategies that set them apart from the competition. In addition to working with startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Tonya has also worked on multi-billion dollar projects for international institutions supporting the globalization of SMEs.

In 2003, Tonya founded Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and empowering women entrepreneurs in Michigan. Through her work with MAFE, Tonya has helped thousands of women turn their entrepreneurial aspirations into realization.


6.  Marcia Martin – Marcia Martin Productions, LLC: Global Executive Training Firm

Marcia-Martin-Marcia-Martin-Productions LLC.Marcia Martin is a knighted global humanitarian and renowned executive coach and has been called the most prolific behind the scenes influencer on the ‘who’s who’ of the greatest minds in thought leadership in the last 40 years.

Having trained more than 300,000 people around the globe to be more effective leaders and communicators, Marcia has personally built several multi-million dollar companies from inception and has trained and consulted some of the top authors and motivators in the world, including America’s success coach Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling author Tony Robbins, and motivational speaker and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

Marcia is now committed to growing memberships in her online Membership Club (akin to Netflix and HBO) where registered Club members can access her personal digital content – her past transformational workshops, podcasts, seminars, and speaking engagements for only $10 per month – in order to achieve greater personal and professional success and power.


7. Dr. Corey Hicks – CEO and Founder

Dr. Corey Hicks CEO and FounderThe challenges encountered in life are all part of the process to build character and resilience that will sustain each person in their future endeavors. The most important aspect of Dr. Corey Hicks’s message is to, “Keep Winning in life regardless of the obstacles and challenges one may face.”

His unique background as a former All-American Collegiate athlete, Corporate Executive, and Professional Athletic Coach brings a wealth of unique skill sets that truly set his speaking and leadership training services apart from his competitors.

Dr. Corey has been able to utilize motivation and innovation through the art of articulation to bring to light the real benefit of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Because of the success clients have experienced through his impactful EQ and Leadership training series, his organization has experienced significant growth from both large and small successful organizations, who chose to be the exception and not the norm.


8. Brigitte Tritt – Personal Breakthrough Specialist

Brigitte Tritt Personal Breakthrough SpecialistBrigitte Tritt is a rapid transformational therapist, certified life coach, wellness entrepreneur, and a holistic lifestyle advocate. Her company, BEmpowered Thoughts, is a go-to resource for women and men around the globe.

As a certified Hypnotherapist, her proven methods help shift your subconscious mind patterns to dissolve limiting beliefs so transformation happens fast!

She also has a long history using restorative yoga and therapeutics by holding space for compassionate care and teaches Corporate Mindfulness. Her mission is for everyone to have personal empowerment and thrive.

She has participated in events with top thought leaders such as Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor along with having access to world-renowned mentors in her life.

Brigitte is a passionate and inspirational voice supporting you on your journey to self-love, healing, and wellness by helping you create the opening for the dream life you have always desired.

Brigitte’s is the author of #SelfLoveMicrosteps: A Simple, Easy & Fun Way to Fall in Love with Yourself where she reveals the 6 steps to finding your truest self.


9. Leon Streete – Visionary Marketing Coach

Leon Streete Visionary Marketing Coach in the UKKnowing how to take a marketing campaign from struggling to life-changing results is what Leon Streete has done time and time again with clients that achieve 6 to multi-7 figure results.

Why and how you’re probably asking?

Well, it’s his unique VORTEX Method which helps Business Owners to simplify their message, create great products & marketing material, connect with more customers online. This technique is used so they can build, secure, and stabilize their income.

One of his gifts is well documented in his Number #1 Amazon International Best Selling book, “More Leads More Clients” where he shares his 10-steps to marketing success.


10. Sesh Sukhdeo – Corporate Diplomat

Sesh Sukhdeo Corporate Diplomat in the UKSesh is the founder of ONE & DONE, a digital experiences company, which is game-changing the way brands and businesses engage with their customers.

Sesh has worked with Governments, Leaders and Boards, and entrepreneurs. He also mentors startups on collaborative growth hacks and is rated as one of the best Facilitators in the World.

His adventurous entrepreneurial spirit appeals to a lot of us, his insights, and guidance sets him apart, there’s one thing that is certain; you will definitely know who he is once you have met him, he builds influential relationships and unlocks value at lightning speeds.

Sesh is known as the Corporate Diplomat because of the global business influence and relationships he has acquired, a well-traveled speaker, author, and business leader. He has recently launched a series of Conscious Uprising Events which brings serious collaborators into one space to value exchange and grow.


The world is adjusting to the new “normal” and the future remains unknown as we all navigate slowly through these challenging times.

One thing we are certain of at MSP News Global is the power of online social media and entrepreneurship is on the rise! Now more than ever is the best time to start your entrepreneurial path.

Utilizing the entrepreneurs featured above can help you move closer to your goals and achieve the kind of life you have always wanted.

Please help us to spread the messages in this article to as many people as possible by acting as, ‘Get the word out ambassadors.’

Stay safe, positive, and keep moving forward!

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