3 Ways to Hack Your Limitations and Change for Good!

3 Ways to Hack Your Limitations and Change for Good!

It’s said that change is one of the hardest things for humans to do.

Even feisty ones who are devoted to shifting and upleveling!

We all get stuck.

No matter how devoted we are to our personal growth and quantum leaps. Sometimes a ‘plateau’ seems to go on forever with no shift or up-level in sight!

We are doing everything right in our daily practice! But it gets to the ‘Groundhog Day’ stage, where we feel as though we are living exactly the same events over and over.

Reliving every day as an existence.

Research by psychologists has shown that on any given day, 99% of our thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. That means that we are trapped in reliving every day as an existence – a life – that seems not to change.

Is it any wonder we are plagued by despair, sadness, exhaustion, and addictions?

The majority of these symptoms result from resentment, regret for the past, anxiety for the future, fear of uncertainty or doubt – especially self-doubt or fear of something that might happen.


Why aren’t we naturally just showered by happy, positive miraculous thoughts every day, dammit!

This is when we get annoyed with ourselves and can often start a ‘beating up’ conversation in our heads.

Which is not a good idea.

But, this is also the moment we should remind ourselves that nature built us with this weird paradox of being wired to feel the pull to grow and expand whilst programming us to resist that growth!

Some mind experts claim that we are challenged by fear.

But that is not strictly true and way too simplistic. The biggest resistance we all carry is not fear of the unknown but change itself.

Because of an epic quirk of biology, our mind (and therefore our body, made up 30 trillion cells) wants to keep us in familiar territory at all costs. That is the biology of our make-up.

As modern humans, we are geared to life-long learning and growth. Our brain cells are continually forming new connections and restructuring our perceptions and physiology.

This neuroplasticity process happens thousands of times in a day, giving us enormous potential to change if we put awareness, effort and commitment into making it happen.

Otherwise, even with life-threatening events around us, we find ourselves automatically following the same routines, the same feelings, the same sensations, and the same stuckness.

Our triune brain has three parts:

  1. The so-called reptilian brain, which is responsible for our primary motives such as eating, sleeping and sex.
  2. The limbic system, which includes our emotions, connection with others, memory and habits.
  3. The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for synthesis and higher-order thinking.

Here’s the thing.

It takes more effort and energy to think about and do something new than continue reacting to life out of instinct or habit. So the majority of people stay in this state ping-pong of resistance – many of them for life!

In fact, three resistances are going on:

  1. The resistance to change – going beyond what is familiar and comfortable for you or your default subconscious functioning.
  2. The resistance at the ‘gatekeeper’ stage of thought, i.e. your conscious mind is working overtime to try and work out how you’re going to achieve what you want to achieve and conflicts with that subconscious default set point. This sets up an internal resistance that we’re not aware is happening, but which is exhausting.
  3. Then you have your soul’s resistance to change -communicated to us by the lack of elevated emotions in our everyday lives and access bliss and flow.

We find ourselves in a daily reality that has been created by long-term default functioning but does not correspond with our highest vision of life, our soul quest.

So how do we hack this annoying biological blueprint?

Though science is still new in explaining our soul’s role in our growth, it has been proved that we absolutely must have a heart-brain coherence for change to happen.

We must get our hearts in charge of our minds and not the other way around.

Of course, willpower, focussed attention and mindful action can push through resistance and rewire habitual patterns.

  • Creating rituals to embed new behaviours into daily life can be key.
  • Reinforcing positive change with support and immediate feedback from others—a buddy, leader or coach—will also ignite our reward systems. The body associates new behaviours with positive emotions and learning.
  • But the most catalytic change will occur when we master heart-brain coherence by living a life created by our soul, and then we align our thoughts and habits with that.

We create our reality through our FOCUS.

Anything that takes our focus or attention initiates thought, and thought creates a vibration.

Whatever frequency we are vibrating at, we attract matching frequency.

By creating a lifestyle and habits that are of the highest vibe (in harmony with our soul vision), we begin to re-create the reality our heart and soul desires!

The trick is to master mindfulness.

The question we should always be asking is, “What am I thinking, and what am I feeling while thinking this particular thought?”

Find out the exact feeling that is generated when we have a rush of thoughts.

This feeling is what we will attract for now and for the future.

So try keeping a small notebook and tracking your inner dialogue over a week, or record your self-observations on your smartphone.

Be a disciple for your highest life.

It is only by stepping outside of ourselves that we can see what inner conversation running in the background and how it keeps us stuck. I recommend discipline for your soul purpose or dreams- that means being a disciple for your highest life!

But the most lasting change will come when you commit to a soul-led life as ‘the boss’.

That’s when you start to become the empowered hero starring in your own movie.

You can re-write the script exactly as you choose, and the more it makes your heart sing and your body tingle, the faster change will come!

So who or what is your soul?

And why should you make her ‘da boss’ in all your decisions?

We are talking here about the ‘Real You’, inside the lovely shell of your physical body – the part that makes you truly human with all your incredible potential, and not just a homo sapiens.

While we can change our bodies to a certain extent, our souls are truly boundless, shape-shifters.

It is said that we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but souls in a physical body.

How awesome is that?

Together in coordination with your mind, we can eat a meal, play the piano, compose a poem, make a baby, feel ecstasy, and a lot more all at the same time, and that is in itself truly miraculous.

Your soul can literally do anything it sets its physical and eternal heart on.

What your soul wants is what you truly want.

Are you listening?

How do you hear the voice of your soul and take heed of it?

  1. When you do what you are naturally gifted or talented at, your soul will speak.
  2. When you love what you do, your soul will speak.
  3. When you do what you do best of all, your soul will speak

The elevated emotions that result from us engaging in activities that correspond to the above will open us to a state of flow – when our brainwaves are between alpha and theta. This is the border between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

According to Sports Scientists, increased Alpha Brain waves precede peak performance.

When you are in intense creativity, you are having a mystical theta-alpha brainwave burst where you engage in deep dialogue with your divine mind, and you’ll be surprised by your performance. This is the brain state of “being in the zone” or flow, where your work feels effortless.

Your work becomes your purpose and your flow.

When you combine your loves and gifts and what fires your values, and if you use that to serve the community, others or the world, you will be right slap bang in the middle of fulfilling all of your human potential. Your work becomes your purpose and your flow. – Jenni Parker-Brown

This is when your vibe is the highest and your access to higher states of consciousness is opened.

This is when you unleash your divine power.

Because when you listen to your soul through the voice of your heart, when you act on its wisdom, you become a true creator.

To sum up then, if you truly want to break down all barriers – you will need to make the following protocols a daily habit:

  • Stop arguing for your limitations. We all do it – excuses creates reality, even more than thoughts!
  • Identify where resistance comes from – use your intuition to define where your self imposed limitations come from, but don’t let them define you!
  • Be uncompromising in making sure that each part of your expression, your gifts, what brings you bliss, your core values – not just ideals you keep for weekends, holidays and the future, but are a part of your daily experience.

You will need to be ruthless about this, or you will find yourself at the end of the day with resentment, the end of the year with disappointment and the end of your life with regrets.

So start hacking, and don’t stop.

Jenni's mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their genius, grace, and super-powers to transcend any market challenges and fulfill their greatest potential as healthy, wealthy change-makers.

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