Adam Pippin, Managing Broker with American Home Agents, Interviewed on the Colorado Estate Leaders Podcast

Adam Pippin discusses the top 5 ways a Realtor can provide added value to luxury clients.

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Here are the best 5 ways realtors can provide added value to luxury clients:

  1. Leverage market research and insights to assist clients in making decisions that have the best potential for return on investment (ROI). Realtors with a luxury clientele can provide valuable data about housing trends, demographic changes, economic indicators, etc. With this knowledge, they can help clients understand which properties may be wise investments now or in years to come.
  2. Utilize connections in the industry. Experienced real estate professionals specializing in luxury homes often have an established network of contacts among architects, designers, and contractors specializing in high-end renovations or remodeling jobs. This benefits their clients by giving them access to individuals who can make their property stand out from the competition when selling it or customize it to meet their exacting standards.
  3. Develop a strategy for marketing and selling luxury homes. Adam explained: “To attract buyers to pricey properties, Realtors need to understand the unique motivations of these kinds, who may expect more than just a beautiful home to invest. They must also be able to capture this market with creative and effective marketing techniques to reach potential buyers and attractively showcase the property’s features.”
  4. Offer concierge services throughout the process. Since luxury clients often expect white glove treatment, Realtors can add value by providing additional assistance beyond what is standard. This could include organizing viewings at convenient times and recommending local services such as maids, event coordinators, etc.
  5. Provide the best possible customer service throughout the transaction. Regardless of what property a client is buying or selling, Realtors should strive to provide top-notch customer service at every stage. This means listening attentively to their clients’ needs and paying close attention to all details that may affect the outcome of the sale. Adam added: “They should be proactive in communicating progress updates so that their clients feel informed throughout the process. Excellence in customer care establishes trust and can help build lasting relationships with luxury clients.”


About Adam Pippin

 Adam takes great pride in motivating and leading teams. It’s always been his passion. He was fortunate to be a director and key player of Cardinal Health and the US Air Force Academy 10th Medical Center before joining American Home Agents — one of Colorado’s locally owned brokerages.

It was the right move for him, as he loves improving the real estate experience for his clients, realtors, and the company. They’re fortunate to live in a beautiful state with a healthy market and the potential for home investments to quickly grow.

Outside of work, he’s a loyal fan of all things Colorado (Go Avalanche) and is a proud graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He is also a long-time resident of Colorado, so it’s no surprise that with his wife and children, he enjoys the incredible Colorado seasons as much as possible.

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