AdvoHealth provides 24/7 medical assistance and benefits to American families — for less than $1 a day

“I was paying around $29,000 per year in total for healthcare insurance for my employees and their families, and my own family’s,” said Todd Loewe, founder of AdvoHealth. “I was determined to find a way to lower my family and business healthcare costs because this is just unacceptable for anyone!” Bringing together a group of healthcare experts with over 100 years of experience, Todd rose up to the challenge of providing access to basic affordable healthcare for all Americans through AdvoHealth membership.

AdvoHealth’s revolutionary membership benefits include access to a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year for American families no matter where they live, done through their integration with Teladoc, an industry leader in Telemedicine. “This means unlimited general practitioner visits and expert medical second opinions, including access to pediatricians for your children’s health-related situations,” shares Kevin Curtis, Chief Revenue Officer at Advohealth.

Up to 85% savings off prescriptions, including 37 specialty prescription medications, can also be availed at over 50,000 pharmacies across the country, diabetic supplies, and pet medications as AdvoHealth includes a membership to the RxValet network of solutions. 

AdvoHealth members also have access to American Air Assistance, which provides non-urgent medically-necessary flights to every specialty hospital in the United States with no balance billing. Furthermore, members gain unlimited use of Healthcare Bluebook’s cost and quality web and mobile app to shop for care, compare facilities, save money, and get the best quality care for any medical service anywhere in the United States.

About AdvoHealth

AdvoHealth’s pledge is to continue advocating benefits for all Americans that promote access to affordable healthcare. An Advohealth membership covers the entire household for $29.00 a month.  For less than $1 a day, Advohealth members have unlimited access to virtual healthcare, unlimited expert second medical opinions, prescription savings (including the top 37 telemedicine prescriptions included at no extra cost to members), and nationwide price transparency for medical procedures. To become a member, visit

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