Agents Lounge Podcast Explores the Impact of Short-Term Rentals with Andrew Alanis

The Agents Lounge Podcast, a popular podcast show that delves into the insights and experiences of real estate professionals, is set to release its latest episode featuring Andrew Alanis, owner of 210 STR. The episode, titled “Making Money and Making an Impact: Business Innovator Andrew Alanis’ Short-Term Rental Journey” delves into the world of short-term rentals and the unique challenges and opportunities they present in the real estate industry.


In this highly informative episode, host Nathan Gaylor and co-host Francisco Bermudez Jr discuss the intricacies of short-term rentals with Andrew Alanis, a seasoned expert in the field. As the owner of 210 STR, Alanis shares his journey into the short-term rental market and how it became a thriving family business.


Alanis, a San Antonio native, began his career in business analytics and software engineering before venturing into short-term rentals. He explains how the pandemic influenced his decision to explore this lucrative market, and how he leveraged his expertise in property maintenance and construction to create a successful family business.


With a focus on family-oriented and travel-based experiences, Alanis emphasizes the importance of maintaining the properties and providing exceptional customer service. He advises landlords to invest in reliable and sturdy furniture that is both practical and visually appealing, as guests tend to be more responsible and cautious when staying in a well-maintained property.


The episode also highlights the benefits of short-term rentals for landlords. Alanis explains that, while long-term tenants may offer stability, short-term rentals generate higher cash flow and provide the opportunity to maintain and check properties more frequently, resulting in a well-preserved asset. Additionally, Alanis provides valuable insights into the screening process for potential tenants, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for both hosts and guests.


“Short-term rentals offer a unique opportunity for landlords to generate higher cash flow and maintain their properties more efficiently. By investing in reliable furniture and providing exceptional customer service, landlords can build a solid reputation and create long-term business opportunities.”
One of the key takeaways from the episode is Alanis’s long-term plan for landlords. He encourages them to own customer data and gradually reduce reliance on major platforms like Airbnb. By nurturing direct bookings, landlords can build a customer base and establish a valuable asset that includes a list of loyal customers and a solid reputation within the industry.


As the Agents Lounge Podcast continues to deliver engaging and actionable content for real estate professionals, this episode offers a comprehensive understanding of short-term rentals and the strategies behind successful property management.


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