Alex Khassa, Founder of Clients Blackbox, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Alex Khassa discusses how Clients Blackbox is revolutionizing financial advisor marketing.

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The episode highlights the significance of adopting unique and innovative approaches to foster company growth. Alex Khassa points out that if everyone in the industry is using the same strategy or approach, it becomes challenging to outperform them. Seminars are used as an example, initially successful due to their novelty, but as more companies started using them, their effectiveness declined. Therefore, the episode suggests that to stand out and achieve growth, it is necessary to do something that sets one apart from the competition.

Seminars were considered effective when they were first introduced as a relatively new and unique marketing strategy. In the 80s or 90s, when seminars were introduced, they were not widely utilized. This allowed companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and capture the attention of potential customers.

During this time, seminars, whether dinner seminars or educational seminars, proved successful in generating a good return on investment. The novelty and exclusivity of seminars attracted attendees who were interested in the information or offerings being presented.

However, as time went on and more companies adopted seminars as a marketing tactic, their effectiveness began to decline. The increase in competition meant that the same audience was being targeted by multiple companies, leading to higher costs per attendee and lower show-up rates.

Alex explained: “If you want to grow your company, you need to do something that other people are not doing. If everybody’s using seminars and webinars, if everybody’s using seminars, how do you think you’re going to outperform your peers if you’re doing what everybody else is doing?.”

Moreover, the episode discusses the importance of consistency and having a formula in business. Alex Khassa expresses his preference for repeating the same actions, automating processes, and building a business around them. He believes that by following a consistent approach and focusing on his specialization, he can achieve better results compared to constantly reinventing the wheel.

Jim McLane, Independent Financial Advisor, shared: “Alex is the best. He has done a great job for me. He can do it all. I have made well into 6 figures using his management team. The best thing about him is I can count on him no matter what I need and he has integrity. Absolutely critical. Alex will deliver. He is also a great copywriter which is a vital component along with the marketing technology skills he has. I highly recommend Alex.”

Overall, the episode emphasizes that focus and specialization can provide individuals and businesses with a competitive advantage in their industry. By narrowing their focus, rejecting opportunities outside of their specialization, and consistently delivering results, they can become the best in their field and attract clients specifically seeking their expertise.



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