Alexio Ramirez, Owner of Rocket TV Media, Shares Insights on the Power of Indoor Digital Billboards in Las Vegas

In a recent episode of the Vegas Business Spotlight podcast, Alexio Ramirez, the owner of Rocket TV Media, sat down with host Tim Knifton to discuss the remarkable success and impact of indoor digital billboards in the Las Vegas Valley. Ramirez shared valuable insights and wisdom gained from his journey as a business owner, highlighting the importance of strategic and cost-effective advertising solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Rocket TV Media specializes in placing indoor digital billboards in high-traffic and high-dwell areas throughout Las Vegas and Henderson Valley. Ramirez recognized the need for affordable advertising options for small business owners who may not have the budget for traditional outdoor billboards. By strategically placing indoor digital billboards in various locations, Rocket TV Media offers businesses the opportunity to tell their stories and reach their target audience through 15 to 32-second commercials.

During the podcast, Ramirez explained the inspiration behind starting Rocket TV Media. As a real estate professional, Ramirez recognized the significance of marketing in driving business success. He understood the power of repetition and the need for businesses to be top of mind for their potential customers. However, traditional billboards were often too expensive for many small business owners. This realization led Ramirez to explore alternative marketing channels, eventually leading him to the world of indoor digital billboards.

Ramirez emphasized the effectiveness of indoor digital billboards in creating brand awareness and driving results. Unlike traditional billboards that are seen only once while driving by, indoor digital billboards provide businesses with the opportunity to be seen multiple times within a community. By placing billboards in various locations such as coffee shops, gyms, nail salons, and grocery stores, businesses can establish themselves as top-of-mind choices for consumers in their target market.

When asked about the advantages of operating Rocket TV Media in Las Vegas, Ramirez highlighted the city’s vibrant and unique atmosphere. Las Vegas is known for its iconic neon lights and digital billboards, making it the perfect setting for embracing the future of advertising. Ramirez referenced famous landmarks like The Sphere and the LED billboards along the Las Vegas Strip, highlighting how these innovative digital billboards are changing the advertising landscape.

Throughout the podcast, Ramirez provided valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasized the importance of taking action, joining networking groups, and continuously adapting to market changes. Ramirez also stressed the significance of building meaningful connections within the Las Vegas business community, highlighting the power of giving and referring business to others, which ultimately leads to reciprocation.

Looking ahead, Ramirez has ambitious goals for Rocket TV Media. He aims to become the largest indoor digital billboard provider in Las Vegas, with plans to expand their network to include 75 billboards by the end of the year and potentially 200-300 within the next few years. Ramirez is passionate about connecting business owners and creating a powerful marketing channel that helps businesses thrive in the Las Vegas Valley.

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