Alka’s Total Fitness Combines Fun with Fitness to Achieve a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Alka’s Total Fitness Combines Fun with Fitness to Achieve a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Many people look at the existing conditions of the world and have not yet gained back the desire to focus on self-care. While this is an unfortunate truth, it is not ideal for living a healthy, happy lifestyle or for getting things back on track to achieve a sense of normalcy.

On any given day, multiple aspects of society drag people down and these things have been a key factor in creating limited versions of who these people can be.

Alka Sharma Front CoverThis is exactly why Alka Sharma, author of From Cocoon to CEO: Living the Life of Your Dreams, is on a quest and calling all women to take back their power of creating the body they want to see. Alka’s Total Fitness provides the tools, knowledge, and support to obtain such strength!

The desire to help is so strong because Alka has stood in these women’s shoes and because she is passionate about being her best self and facing intimidating obstacles head-on!

She founded Alka’s Total Fitness as a result of her journey of struggling with weight, self-confidence, and a lack of esteem all stemming from her dissatisfaction she felt towards her body.

A huge advocate of dancing, kickboxing, and helping women transform into the best versions of themselves, Alka’s mission is to help women reach new levels of energy and vitality, become better equipped for navigating through a hectic life, and most importantly have fun while doing it!

A former competitor of Latin and ballroom dancing, Alka also realized that dance is a form of fitness and believes fitness is all about passion. This too was a driving force in the fitness studio becoming a recreation destination.

Alka’s Total Fitness is one of the first fitness studios in the Greater Toronto area to offer both restorative and aerial yoga, Latin dancing, Zumba, kickboxing, Pilates, TRX suspension training, and Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts in a boutique setting.

Offering a full menu of techniques to achieve a variety of fitness goals and interests, as well as options that suit almost any budget and lifestyle, the studio also offers a myriad of skilled and specialized instructors to safely guide guests throughout their fitness journey.

At Alka’s Total Fitness they believe in providing limitless opportunities to make positive change, to learn and grow with a variety of options.  

The ideal clients that are suited for Alka’s Fitness are those who want to challenge themselves, have fun, and are willing to set goals to keep moving forward. According to Alka, living a fit lifestyle is easy.

It’s living unfit that provides difficulties. Alka teaches 1:1 session, group classes at the studio and customizes fitness workouts for corporate clients. Her philosophy for all clients is any change is within reach if you apply hard work and dedication. 

While many clients are loyal, happy customers, here are what a few have to say about Alka’s Total Fitness studio:

Alka you are an amazing and gracious woman! You sincerely care about your customers and your business and you make everyone feel at home while ensuring they get the most out of their goals! Much respect! Thank you again for a wonderful experience at Alka’s Total Fitness and for making me a part of the family! Totally worth it!” – Christine

Alka’s Total Fitness program is truly life-changing! From the moment I entered the room, I could feel positive energy. Classes are definitely upbeat, but Alka makes sure everyone can follow along OK. I left her class sweating like crazy, and that’s how you know it was a great workout – 10/10!!!” – Evan H.

For those who are ready to take the first step in claiming the healthy, happy life that they deserve, Alka’s Total Fitness is offering a free 30-minute personal coaching session when a 7-day unlimited studio access pass is claimed.

This entitles the individual to a whole week of all studio classes including yoga, TRX, Zumba, Pilates, kickboxing, and more. Fitness, fun, variety, instructors who care about results and cater to each individuals’ needs…this true hidden gem in boutique fitness studios have it all.

Throw all excuses out the door and commit to positive well-being today with the studio that is revolutionizing fun and fitness…Alka’s Total Fitness!

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