Andrea Malam-Alexander, Founder of Charity Saving Dreams, is Also Building Dreams

Andrea Malam-Alexander, Founder of Charity Saving Dreams, is Also Building Dreams.

The suffering of children is something that breaks the hearts of many. For Andrea Malam-Alexander, it broke her heart so much that she decided to leave behind a corporate job to pursue her desire to make a difference in the world.

Andrea was born in India to parents of British ancestry and completed her education in India before moving to London. There in the UK, Andrea married and had children.

At the age of 50, she realized her life was meant for something more and decided to pursue her undeniable passion in civil service where she could help underprivileged children and their families.

Having lost family and friends, in her life, to terminal illnesses and being able to counsel the families in their hour of need was something Andrea realized she had a gift for. It was at this moment she realized she could do something that mattered in life by serving others on a much grander scale. 

Today, Andrea is the Founder of Saving Dreams, a charity that gives back to the community and provides life-altering experiences for many in need.

She is also a published author of Saving Dreams, co-author of The New Woman, a crown medal recipient for exemplary service for her role in law enforcement for protecting the public, an award-winning charity and volunteer ambassador, public speaker, diversity role model, recipient of the International Women Achiever Award in 2021, the Women of the World Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020, the SHEUK Highly Commended Community Champion in 2021 and SHEUK Highly Commended Valiant Volunteer Award in 2020 and an ambassador for supporting dreamers to achieve their goals in life and walking confidently in the direction of their dreams.

She is an achiever, a believer, and widely known as a superwoman with an incredibly empathetic spirit. Andrea’s mission is to help others truly believe in themselves and recognizes that when they do, life is opened up to infinite possibilities. 

As an avid researcher, and woman not afraid of challenges, Andrea has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in responding to time-critical, crises. By nature, Andrea is a curious person with a fascination for learning more and being able to use that knowledge to make a difference in her environment and community.

Saving Dreams offers several channels that give back to others including food banks, donation boxes, service days, community connections, and educational and cultural projects. 

  • Food Banks: Food justice is an important part of community service and Saving Dreams accepts donations from local businesses to help fight hunger and poverty.
  • Service Days: Every month, Saving Dreams mobilizes a team of volunteers to make a substantial impact within the community and is fueled by the focus to impart massive change.
  • Community Connections: The community is full of individuals who truly want to help. Saving Dreams strives to make new connections to locate people and find new ways to serve and support the community.
  • Educational and Cultural Projects: Saving Dreams has been providing stationery boxes and care-kit bags for underprivileged children in the United Kingdom and India. They have also launched a Mobile Tech Project where they provide smartphones and devices to children to help them continue with their education through remote learning during the Covid-19 outbreak and stay-at-home mandates. 

Through the Saving Dreams charity Andrea has done so much more than save dreams, she has also done her part in building them. For children and families who never imagined the life they have now, Andrea has given them hope and given them a reason to dream again.

She has enabled families to live life without regrets and has fulfilled her dream of helping impoverished and underprivileged children feel a sense of normalcy again. 

If it’s one thing that Andrea would like to share with individuals worldwide it is this. She believes that everyone can use a strong one in their environment. And for many, Andrea and the Saving Dreams charity have filled that role.

But there is room for much more in the means of providing support, donations, time, and love to children and families in need and the need for many more to help fulfill the dreams of these children and families who have never had the opportunity to dream big and see it come true.

As Andrea has shown, it’s never too late to start caring and start giving. At the age of 50, she changed her whole world to make a difference in someone else’s. 

To be the reason someone else feels they can actually have a dream and then see it come true is a remarkable gift. For those seeking to be a part of enabling someone else to have a dream, contact Saving Dreams and learn how to be….the reason. 

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