Andrew Jensen, Owner & Senior Loan Officer at Blueprint Mortgage Group, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Andrew Jensen discusses exploring the Mortgage Industry.

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In this episode, Andrew Jensen emphasizes the crucial role of transparency in the lending process. He highlights the importance of providing borrowers with clear information and empowering them to customize their loans according to their preferences. By being transparent, borrowers gain a comprehensive understanding of their loan terms and can tailor them to meet their specific needs. This approach is seen as a way to advocate for borrowers, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and advice to make informed decisions.

Jensen also highlights the value of educating borrowers rather than simply instructing them. Borrowers appreciate lenders who take the time to explain the loan process and provide guidance. This teaching approach helps alleviate frustration and ensures that borrowers have a thorough understanding of the loan process.

Furthermore, the episode discusses the benefits of having a background in various aspects of the loan process, such as packaging and processing. Andrew, who possesses experience in these areas, explains how this knowledge enhances his ability to assist borrowers and streamline the loan application process. His comprehensive understanding of the loan process enables him to handle documentation and requirements more efficiently.

Andrew also emphasizes that his experience in packaging and processing loans provides insight into the expectations of underwriters. This knowledge allows him to guide borrowers on the upfront submission of necessary documents and information, saving time and minimizing back-and-forth requests.

Moreover, Jensen’s diverse background in the loan process positions him as an expert and authority figure in the eyes of their clients and borrowers. His ability to confidently explain the reasoning behind certain requirements or requests from underwriters builds trust and credibility. As a result, he can provide valuable advice and guidance, acting as a fiduciary advocate for borrowers’ best interests.

Overall, this episode underscores the significance of transparency, education, and a comprehensive understanding of the loan process. By empowering borrowers with information and guidance, lenders can help them make informed decisions and customize their loans to suit their needs. Additionally, having a background in various aspects of the loan process allows lenders to streamline the application process, guide borrowers effectively, and establish themselves as trusted experts in the eyes of their clients.

Andrew shared: “Mortgages can be a foreign language to most buyers. So, you’re teaching them how it works, what the process is, and what you can do. A lot of people look at this as a sales job. I don’t like necessarily to coin this as a sales job. I feel like what you’re doing is you’re a fiduciary advocate for your clients. You’re giving them advice, letting them pick what they want to do. And I think that’s the importance of having transparency with your borrowers so that they fully understand what they’re getting into.”


About Andrew Jensen

Andrew first started in the mortgage industry in 2012 participating in a paid apprenticeship program.  Utilizing his background in Education/Business it was a successful match.  After working numerous years for different retail lenders, he opened his own brokerage in 2019; Blueprint Mortgage Group.  He is currently licensed in both Colorado and Wyoming and has an affiliate Bank that allows him to originate in the remaining 48 states.  Andrew takes extreme pride in providing top-shelf service to his clients, and this is evident by the referral-based business he has built. 

 Andrew resides in the Sloans Lake neighborhood just west of the city.  He is married to his wife Lauren, who is a top-producing Realtor with MileHiModern.  Together they have a 21-month-old boy named Colby, and another baby boy on the way in October.  They have two Labrador Retrievers named Baysil and Cedar.


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