Angelica Robles Lopez, Adevar Investigative Group Inspires People With Her Best Selling Books And Motivational Speaking

Angelica Robles Lopez, Adevar Investigative Group

Angelica Robles Lopez, the founder of Adevar Investigative Group, a writer, author, motivational speaker, and panelist, uses her knowledge to save people from problems worldwide. 

Undercover agents are people who take up cases of different nature while obscuring their identity. Their work is intricate, intense, and interesting at the same time. Angelica Robles Lopez is the owner and president of the Adevar Investigative Group. Her firm handles cases related to case evaluation, suspect interrogation, victim and witness interviews, expert witness services, and evidence and investigation summaries. Besides running an awesome investigative firm, Angelica is also an international Best Selling Author of “Through These Brown Eyes,” a motivational speaker, writer, and panelist. 

Her work trajectory is extensive. Her knowledge spans her experience as a forensic investigator, interrogator, case manager, and communication coach. She holds various accolades in criminal interviewing and interrogation at the federal level. She has 15+ years of experience working with government agencies and individuals, handling cases for corporate fraud, private investigations, youth in at-risk environments, adolescents, adults, and criminals with mental illness. She has a degree in forensic psychology at the master’s level and has always been fascinated with the criminal mind.

Her Latest Book

The new book by Angelica revolves around the target audience of women aging 16-40. This includes people who have come across life-changing trauma. She means to free such people from any chains that are holding them back from moving on. Therefore, she frees them from dilemmas and psychological wounds. 

She asks people not to linger in the past. Past is fleeting, and it doesn’t care about you, but you are exhausting your energy on it. Past will tie you up, make your success go backward, and have a long-term effect on your future, which is almost always negative. 

Angelica takes people back to the past, helps them break free of trauma, and reach their maximum growth level. 

Past Experience

Having experience in the investigation space, Angelica has dealt with a lot of trauma. She knows how to build a life flawlessly and without being affected by trauma. Her book takes people through different levels of trauma assessment. She writes it from the perspective of her journey, which makes her book unique and one of a kind. 

She aims to make a difference in the world. Not many authors write what they see. But, Angelica believes in the true representation of everything. Angelica is passionate about helping and empowering those around her. She has volunteered with non-profits and served as a leader for a fundraising team for the last ten years, raising over a total of $120,000. She is an avid triathlete, trail runner, and bodybuilder, completing two Ironman’s and over 40 running and triathlon races. She is a woman with talent that will astound you.  

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