Anna Stephanie Muñoz´s “Facebook Lives on Stress Management” Featured Guest Jeff Griffin Discusses Mental Paralysis and Emotional Distress

Anna Stephanie Muñoz, host of Facebook Lives on Stress Management, welcomed American Motivational Speaker, Wheelchair Athlete and Award-Winning Author Jeff Griffin as the featured guest in the live interview on June 8, 2020.

During the show, Griffin explained how people can manage stress even when faced with big challenges. A construction accident left Griffin paralyzed from the waist down after falling 40 feet from scaffolding and breaking his back. Doctors told him he would never stand and walk again.

While he faced many challenges, Griffin was determined to succeed despite his paralysis.

“You are the solution to IMPOSSIBLE,” he said. “Know what you want, finish what you start and celebrate the process to achieve it.”

Griffin has accomplished extraordinary athletic and personal achievements including:

  • Winning a silver medal in wheelchair basketball and participating in the 2004 Paralympic Games
  • Being named a National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) National Champion and four-time All-Star MVP
  • Winning the St. George Marathon
  • Setting two Guinness World Records
  • Becoming the number one men’s wheelchair tennis player in Utah
  • Writing the award-winning book “I’Mpossible: Desire. Dream. Do.”

The host of the FB Lives on Stress Management, Anna Stephanie Muñoz, is a Guatemalan Stress Management and Transformational Coach. Her company, Excede tu potencial (Exceed your potential, based in Guatemala), specializes in supporting companies in using stress to work for them instead of against them. She also helps successful professionals release their inner mental anguish, so they can create greater balance and fulfillment.

In addition to hosting FB Lives on Stress Management, Muñoz is hosting the free masterclass,
“An Amazing Secret That Will Change the Way You See Anxiety” (In Spanish) on August 14, 16 and 18. Register at and learn:

  • The purpose of emotions and how to work with them
  • Why anxiety is not a problem or disease
  • Why each person deals with anxiety differently
  • How to refocus anxiety in a positive way

To learn more about Excede tu potencial, visit More episodes for Facebook Lives on Stress Management can be found at

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