ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny by Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen, Delivers Extraordinary Insight on the Power of Asking!

Enlightening Book, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, Co-Written by Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen, Delivers Extraordinary Insight on the Power of Asking!

Everything you think and do is a choice. Your decisions are powerful and you will decide your path. Certain choices will lead you to your destiny and others far from it. The key is to ask. To ask again and again and never stop asking.” – excerpt from Ask! 

Prolific writer, Mark Victor Hansen, is best known for co-authoring, with Jack Canfield, the binge-worthy Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand, which has set incredible world records in book sales, boasting over 500 million sold. In addition to being the author of popular books including Power of Focus, Dare to Win, and New York Times best-selling One Minute Millionaire, which has inspired thousands to become abundantly wealthy, Mark is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing sensation. His remarkable experience is derived from decades of entrepreneurial success, alternative energy quests, his extensive academic endeavors, and years of undergraduate study with Buckminster Fuller, one of Albert Einstein’s greatest students.

Enlightening Book, ASK! Equally as impressive, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, founder of Crystal Vision Life, Ltd and wellness company, Skinny Life™, is an international speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, and author of Skinny Life- The Secret to Being Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit.  As an expert in the field of human potential, Crystal has spent years as a Transformational Life Coach, and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, and has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health, and wellness, by exploring their inner resources. Crystal has researched extensively the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics and has personally guided people from severe states of hopelessness and depression to freedom and happiness. From these studies, she developed a powerful conviction that all people have unlimited potential for achieving greatness if given the knowledge on how to access the resources.

On a journey to bring a thought-provoking source of hope, inspiration, possibility, and enlightenment to individuals worldwide, Mark and Crystal’s book, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, released in the spring of 2020, opens up the powerful notion that by simply asking for what is desired, hope and happiness may be restored! As illustrated in the book, one may have to continue asking, and asking, and asking, but by incorporating perseverance and true belief in a request, greatness will be delivered to those committed to the journey. Compelling topics shared through real-life and fictitious narratives, this light-hearted yet empowering masterpiece opens up discussions about the definition of happiness, enhancing personal relationships, pivoting in life by ASKING, the challenges that unfold by asking the BIG questions, why many who suffer in silence miss out on their destiny and so much more! 

In ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny, mind-mastery experts, Mark and Crystal who are featured in a recent Brilliance Business TV segment, explore such things as the seven roadblocks to asking. These obstacles, not uncommon in holding individuals back from achieving their destiny, include: 

  • Unworthiness and insecurity: Conditioning often adopted from childhood or past experiences.
  • Naivete: Occurring when an individual grew up with limited possibilities or who is simply unaware of their potential.
  • Doubt: Quite often, during childhood, people were not encouraged to ask and lack the awareness of best practices in this category.
  • Excuses: Individuals may be too stubborn or too proud to ask, and uncomfortable with being vulnerable.
  • Fear: An underlying feeling that something may be lost by asking; usually love, approval, or dignity.
  • Pattern Paralysis: Brain conditioning, and habits, that cause repetition of disappointing patterns.
  • Disconnection: Becoming numb to inner truths, being out of touch with an internal sense of unworthiness, and giving up on the real desires of the heart. 

As readers are immersed in secrets that lead to a life led by purpose, ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny will provide infinite benefits to asking and will prepare them to become an “effective asker” by building solid foundations based on rediscovering one’s inner childlike curiosity and a time when asking was not plagued by cynicism, knowledge of the correct process of asking, and discovering what one truly wants before asking. 

The ultimate goal is to achieve health, vitality, and a peace-filled life that contains more satisfying relationships and will allow readers to reach the fullest level of human potential. As each person plays a role in the history of the world it is important to know what that role is. ASK! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny will prompt individuals to open their hearts revealing the questions that create the path to their destiny!

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou

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