Introduces New Brand Identity And Website has been registered since 1998 and throughout that time has undergone many changes as the web has developed. Owned by Highland Media Agency, an Atlanta based media agency, has launched a new brand strategy and website that elevates the site’s identity and supports its unique place within the local Atlanta Business community.

“Atlanta has grown significantly over the last several years and we needed to update the website in order to keep up with the changes in technology and to offer a media platform that Atlanta’s business owners would be proud to be featured in to share their business stories and marketing messages,” said Neil Howe, founder and owner of Highland Media Agency. Today, offers Atlanta residents a place to keep up with all the events happening in Atlanta in a crisp and clear layout that makes information easy to find and digest.” 

An updated website has been introduced and launched in June of 2020 to showcase Atlanta Business News as well as news and events from around the world. Also included with local Atlanta Business News are Sports, Health & Medicine, Arts & Entertainment, Technology, Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Food, And Travel. shares local news with popular business success stories where business people are highlighted for their successes in multiple categories. Atlanta has a long history of being a business haven for technology and a corporate hub for many of the biggest companies in America. The entertainment industry is well established and growing to compete in music and television with Holywood and there are countless success stories to be shared from Atlanta’s entrepreneurs and professionals. 

With over a decade of experience in media and online marketing, Howe and Highland Media Agency are proud to announce their new site to the Atlanta community. As a resident of Atlanta for over 25 years, Howe has an intimate knowledge of the business culture that Atlanta has and wants to share the success of Atlanta’s entrepreneurs so the world can see what Atlanta has to offer. 

Highland Media Agency is a media company that helps brand and position businesses in the media for exponential growth and success. They have helped over 1000 people become best selling authors of their business books and established a media presence that can bring instant celebrity and authority to increase traffic, conversions, and sales like nothing else. 

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