Austin J. Haines Shares How to Create Change and Achieve Big Breakthroughs

Austin J Haines sets out to answer these very questions and more in his new upcoming book, Flashpoint: The Art Science of Your Big Breakthrough.  

Austin is a best-selling author, professional speaker, and life & business clarity coach with over 25 years of experience studying self-development. Austin has met and been trained by some of the best in the industry, including Les Brown, Darren Hardy (Editor-in-Chief of Success Magazine), James MacNeil (creator of “Verbal Aikido”), Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins, to name a few.  Also, as a Certified Strategic Interventionist, Austin has hundreds of hours in formal life strategy training guided by Tony Robbins himself. As a professional speaker, Austin is charismatic, and pours his heart out every time he speaks in front of a live audience.

Mr. Haines has worked with thousands of people from all different social and economic backgrounds, helping them to gain clarity and to act.  He has thousands of hours in real-life training, especially while being in professional corporate sales and sales management, where he faced rejection on a large scale. He learned to turn these failures into successes, which sounds like the typical success story.  As you will learn, there is much more to the story. Austin struggled for many years. His early success was “fool’s gold” because the motive behind this success was to somehow fill the empty void of low self-esteem. Although he mastered much of the success literature, something was missing. Mainly, true lasting success has a specific recipe but, at the same time, is dynamic in nature.

His new book, Flashpoint, takes you on a journey beyond the surface-level success information that pop culture seems to gobble up every day. You’ll learn how to consciously develop your self-belief. You learn to create alignment right where you are.  You’ll learn paradoxical concepts that get results like, “Where you are coming from is more important than the place to where you are going.” 

Austin had settled for the appearance of success like many other people.  He shortly learned that over 80% of people are not in alignment, and never even pursue their dreams for various reasons.  Sadly, most people are not truly free. Austin has a message and a story that everyone must hear. 

His new book, Flashpoint, uses a revolutionary method to help people get to their “flashpoint”. This is the point or pivotal moment in your life when everything clicks into place, and shifts!  It is a time of clarity and realization. It is uncommon success achieved in common hours. More importantly, it comes from your true self, and fosters your passion even more.  Austin relays this in his new book in a way that directly relates to you!

Austin has a mission to help you create “your big breakthrough” while creating lasting meaning and purpose.  As you will learn, Austin has been working on this mission most of his life, starting from an early age, even when he was not aware of this mission.  Now, he is bringing this powerful message to you through his upcoming book, Flashpoint.  If you truly want to gain clarity around your highest aspirations and create that lasting breakthrough, Flashpoint is for you.   Austin’s new book delivers and pushes you to rise to be your very best self. 

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