Author Activism of a Different Kind

Author Activism of a Different Kind

Writing a book can be a lonely and daunting task, especially when every man and his dog has an opinion on how and what your book should be about.

Then there is the how you are going to find the time to write it, how to structure the ideas dancing around in your head, how to format the pages and design the cover art, plus all the 101 other things which need to be done before you’ve even got to the publishing stage.

And then what?

Once it is published, how do you make your book stand out from all the rest?

How do you market your book?

How do you make money from your book?

And will the money you make from your book be enough to live off?

What if your book isn’t something you just want to make money from?

What if it is a book about something so vitally important that the world needs to learn about, such as human rights violations, social injustices, how you survived a traumatic experience, and how you can help others?

What about naming others in your book?

And the copyright issues?

The list of questions goes on and on, and sooner or later The Silent Assassin has slain your ideas, filling you with fear before you have even started the first sentence.

This was me back in 2009.

Questions and confusion flooding my mind and everyone the expert, except they weren’t because most of them had never written a book, and the ones who were publishing books were doing it for others and had never written a book themselves.

I found the whole publishing industry either unreachable, too arrogant and dismissive or so pretentious I knew I couldn’t bear to stand another minute in their company.

So I did what I had always done and figured it all out by myself in the spirit of the Lone Wolf. Powerful, focused and determined to find my pack.

Since then, I have invested over $200,000USD into learning how to format, publish, promote and sell my books to an international, culturally diverse market.

I spent years fighting to get my first book back from the first publisher who published my book and offered no support or help at all.

I wasted time with agents, editors, translators and marketing companies because they didn’t want to touch books in the genres of human rights violations, government and police corruption, abuse and trauma or whistleblowing books…

Not unless the book’s core was removed or watered down dramatically, leaving the book soulless and more inline with the vanilla and palatable content that has flooded the world of books today.

These days, literature has lost its soul, and very rare do we find a book that stirs the emotions and makes us want to take action or take us to another world entirely.

With business coaches and PR companies encouraging clients to publish a book as a lead magnet rather than a solid piece of writing, the quality of books have plummeted and readers are losing their love of reading.

Many books are uninspiring, with the same old same old crime thriller with just a different lead detective, or they dance between being what my youngest son would call ‘meh’ or so overly academic even the academics are choosing the trashy novel to escape.

I didn’t want to be another one of the authors adding ‘litter to the literary shelves’ around the world. I wanted to write books that inspired action, moved people into creating positive and powerful change in the world.

I didn’t want to be broke and struggling. I wanted to live off my royalties alone so all the money I received from other income-generating activities could be reinvested into my business and the many community projects around the world I have a passion for.

I didn’t want to be a one-hit-wonder. I wanted to be an award-winning author, and I want the Nobel Prize for Literature.

And I am a very determined woman.

When I chose to create and build my Author Academy, which will be launching later this month, I did so with the solid foundation of my own personal experience as an author and the last 10 years of coaching other authors on their own personal journeys.

I set out with the intention of making sure the writing process was as fluid as possible for people, breaking through mental and emotional barriers with their confidence soaring.

I wanted the activists of the world to know they had someone who had their back, someone who is willing to publish the content the world needs to read.

I wanted to make sure that with each and every book I work on with a client, and then go on to publish for them, makes a huge difference in everyone’s lives: the writers, the readers and the communities impacted by the ripple effect.

To be an author activist means something and it requires a unique kind of person. One with courage and conviction, and one who is willing to put their money where their mouth is, and an author who isn’t just publishing for the sake of vanity and publicity.

These are my kind of authors, my kind of people, and together we will make the world a better place, because activism by pen is well thought out.

It has to be.

There are tens of thousands of words to write, a strategy behind the book, a business behind the book, and possible social movement.

And with over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience, community regeneration projects, activism on various subjects, I have brought everything together, so no other author has to go through the lonely, bewildering journey I and so many others have been through.

I still make money each month from my books, including those published over ten years ago, many of which are international bestsellers on multiple continents. Some books sell more than others depending on what is happening in the world, and which books I am promoting at any given time, but they all sell month in month out.

To become a published author is a journey, and it is one no one has to walk alone. To become a successful author, you have to show up for yourself and promote your book, yourself, and vision. You have to be relentless and passionate about selling your book.

Publishing companies such as mine will help you get from your initial idea to publication and launch. We also offer ongoing marketing and strategic growth, but without your effort, your time and your investment, your book(s) will become just another book on the many platforms not making the impact you once envisioned.

So if you are ready to write, publish and make an impact in the world, send me a message through my website and let’s see what magic we can create together!

And if you would like to check out my books, then please head on over to

Ciao for now!


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