Author Michele Ho Lung Releases “Sparkle and Shine—Get Your Brilliance Out” With Special Offer for Website Visitors

Michele Ho Lung got Corod™’s manufacturing plant ISO 9002 certified in a year back in 1994, a task that usually takes a team even today, double that time. On a journey that started with a search for healing in 2008, she shares also in Sparkle and Shine, unique perspectives. She integrates the Law of Attraction with learning how to increase your positivity quotient, process and systems thinking. Find your purpose and tap into your Divine Spark so you can engage people and shine. She challenges the status quo with a focus on personal growth and transformation. Her unique Sparkle Approach has helped many achieve their personal, professional and business goals. Now, she is offering a free copy of her latest book, Sparkle and Shine—Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work) to visitors to her website for a limited time.

Ho Lung’s goal is to enable everyone to increase joy and well-being as they take steps to drive to success and fulfill their work/life’s purpose. Her book is packed with tips and tools to de-stress both personal and business life. “What you focus on, you attract,” she says and she encourages her readers to open up to exciting possibilities and new paradigms through concentrated efforts in attracting positivity.

Everything is energy and vibration and if you get this concept and use the Law of Attraction, well, anything is possible.

Michele loves working with purpose-driven CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders – who, are in their own unique ways, using their platforms to helping others achieve more, i.e. be better, feel better or and do better as they fulfill their missions and influence the world.

According to the author, “Sparkle and Shine will help millions to cope with difficulties and impacts they face in life and business as it is a book on challenging the old and opening up to new, unexplored and different possibilities. It has within, the winning formulas with energy-packed, fun and thought-provoking diagrams on how to get more sparkle, fun and joy into your life and work. Learn actionable secrets that will help you hit your ball out of the park as you achieve more, with joy and ease. Engage hearts, use processes to your advantage, be the ‘CEO of You,’ and sparkle!”

For a limited time, visitors to Ho Lung’s website can get a free copy of Sparkle and Shine, a $32 value.  Visit for more information.

About Michele Ho Lung:  Michele Ho Lung is a business and certified Law of Attraction life coach who helps her clients consider possibilities, identify opportunities and take action. Her focus, growth, achievement and positive transformations. She has helped many delighted clients achieve and surpass their desired results with fun and ease and sparkle.  Michele Ho Lung is the author of Sparkle and Shine—Get Your Brilliance Out (At Home and Work).

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