Authority Positioning Coach Mike Saunders Joins the Elite VFO Virtual Community as the Newest Community Expert.

Elite VFO Virtual Community is thrilled to announce the addition of Mike Saunders, MBA a renowned Authority Positioning Coach, to its esteemed roster of community experts. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Saunders is set to revolutionize how community members establish themselves as industry leaders.

As an authority positioning coach, Mike Saunders has dedicated his career to helping individuals and businesses enhance their credibility, visibility, and influence. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Saunders focuses on serving financial professionals, empowering them to establish themselves as go-to authorities.

“My mission is to position you as the #1 Financial Professional Expert Authority in your area to move you from an obscure, bland, “Hidden Hero” and thrust you in the spotlight to outshine your competition, and establish a commanding presence with affluent families & business owners so you are seen as THE In-Demand Trusted Advisor with Indestructible Authority. says Saunders.”

Given his growing success, Mike was recently interviewed on the FOX 47 Morning TV show about his work with Financial Professionals, empowering them to Get Authority, Get Noticed, and Get Clients.

The Elite VFO Virtual Community is a vibrant online platform that brings financial planners and CPAs together. It is a networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing hub fostering personal and professional growth. Members gain access to exclusive resources, training programs, and opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

The significance of having Mike Saunders join the Elite VFO Virtual Community cannot be overstated. His expertise in authority positioning will empower community members to amplify their impact, build their brands, and achieve extraordinary success. Through his guidance and mentorship, Saunders will help individuals navigate the intricacies of establishing themselves as trusted industry leaders.

“Joining the Elite VFO Virtual Community is an exciting opportunity to connect with driven individuals committed to achieving greatness,” says Mike Saunders. “I am thrilled to be part of this dynamic community and look forward to helping members unlock their full potential.”

Elite VFO Virtual Community Founder Anton Anderson adds, “Mike Saunders brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will greatly benefit our community. We are excited to have him join us and help our members excel in their respective fields.”

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