Autistic Author Reveals Secrets To Transform Trades Businesses Overnight In New Book

Get Off the Tools is for any tradesman or subcontractor looking to consistently attract high-level clients, charge more,  and ensure a steady and predictable flow of high-quality leads, enquiries, and sales in any market or economy.

Jon McCulloch, autistic, author, speaker, business mentor, and consultant with almost two decades’ experience presents Get Off the Tools based on his extensive work helping tradesmen, subcontractors, and other small businesses grow and scale their businesses regardless of the competition or prevailing economy. 

McCulloch says, “Most business owners across the board struggle unnecessarily and it’s even worse in the construction industry, both in the domestic and commercial sectors. The challenges all boil down to three main areas; difficulty in attracting the right clients, selling to them at profitable prices, and having a reliable and predictable sales pipeline. Over the last few years, I’ve developed and refined what I call the Tradesman Accelerator Model which solves these challenges. Get Off the Tools focuses on this model and the nine simple steps it comprises mean any tradesman or subcontractor can overcome those challenges”. 

He adds, “The most important takeaway is for change in your business to happen you have to both think and act differently. I’ve turned my quirky autistic traits and unique view of the world into an advantage because they enable me to think and act very differently from other consultants and mentors. Get Off the Tools now allows me to share those differences and their benefits with others”.

Copies of Get Off the Tools for media review are available from Copies for tradesmen and subcontractors will be available from the Amazon Kindle Store on 2nd April 2021. 

Images of the book front cover and the author can be found here:

About the author

Jon McCulloch has been a mentor and consultant to business owners in scores of different industries and niches over the last almost two decades and specialises in helping them attract better clients, sell at higher rates, and make reliable and predictable sales. He runs his own consulting business to the trades and construction industry and is based in West Cork, Ireland.

For more information or other queries contact Jon on or

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