Barbara Vercruysse Coaches Entrepreneurs and Organizations with Kindness & Wisdom

Barbara Vercruysse Coaches Entrepreneurs and Organizations with Kindness & Wisdom

Barbara Vercruysse guides entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to move through life with more fulfillment, ease, leadership, and kindness. 

Kindness goes a long way. Although kindness has been perceived as a weakness in a business environment, many scientific studies have revealed the exact opposite for a long time. You are recognized as a leader when you demonstrate kindness, even when you could have chosen to lead with a hard heart, especially if you are an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or an organization. 

Your employees are more efficient when you guide the day-to-day activities with warmth and thoughtfulness. Some people are born with a natural ability to be kind. Although no one chooses to be chilly, many people appear to be because they are convinced that a professional environment requires that attitude. 

Fortunately, Barbara Vercruysse is on hand to guide such individuals. This Global Kindness Advocate, mentor, personal coach, business coach, thought leader and public speaker, is on a mission to offer individuals and organizations tools and insights to lead with kindness and compassion.

Barbara Vercruysse’s Entrepreneurial Journey

For more than 25 years, Barbara has been an entrepreneur who is empowering other entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to lead with kindness, grace, and ease through her institute, online school and products. Throughout her professional journey as an entrepreneur and role model, she has shared the message of how to become resilient with grace after overcoming multiple challenges, including surviving stage 4 cancer.

Today, Barbara, happily married for over two decades, is the mom of 3 terrific young adults. Apart from being the CEO & founder of the ‘Barbara Vercruysse Empowerment & Kindness Institute’, she is passionate about reading, painting, enjoying arts, traveling, serving humanity, having profound conversations, and connecting from human to human. 

Barbara’s endeavor doesn’t end here! She has also been giving the opening speech for Girl Up Jabalpur – a United Nations Foundation, talking about leading with powerful kindness. She has presented talks on the same topic for the Soft Skill Community (+/- 1.600 managers) of Microsoft and at the Kindness@Work Conference.

The #1 Top 50 Global Thought Leaders on Mental Health is also the vice-president of communication at Professional Women International, a Brussels-based membership association. Currently, Barbara is in the process of writing ‘The Path of Powerful Kindness’ about which she had a talk at Harvard University in the Summer of 2022. 

Barbara’s Clientele And Services

Always looking for the best match in leadership, humanness and efficiency, Barbara leads with profound wisdom on human behavior and great care for her clients. Her clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who are dynamic, positive, open to change, and always looking to grow and expand. 

Among her clients is a group of BMW dealerships where she works as a Quality Officer and HR Soft Skills Responsible, screening all business processes and guiding people to perform optimally in their jobs.

Under her umbrella of mentorship, Barbara provides personal coaching, group coaching, speaking/workshops, and an online course – The Journey. At last, Barbara believes leading with powerful kindness can change the world. 

She also shares an important message with everyone around her that an amazing life starts with being an amazing human being first—no outer success without inner growth. Therefore, self-development is key to leading a successful life.

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