Beenie Mann Launches The Amazon Kindle Edition Of Her Book “Happiness Matters ~ Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps”, To Help People Cope With The Stress Of The COVID-19 Quarantine

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) became a world pandemic, the level of panic and anxiety also increased exponentially worldwide. The physical aspects necessary to stay healthy during this virus such as washing our hands, social distancing, quarantine and wearing masks has become a daily reminder in the news cycle. However, the mental and emotional aspects necessary to help protect our immune system have not received as much media attention, if any.

With all these unaddressed emotional and mental aspects in mind, Beenie Mann announces that the Amazon Kindle Version of her widely praised printed book “Happiness Matters ~ Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps”, will be available at a discounted price of just $4.97 for a limited time. It will provide a desperately needed perspective to help people cope with the isolation, social distancing and quarantine currently put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus. As the outbreak of the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in people’s lives and the uncertainty of when a vaccine will become available continues, Beenie aims at providing a much needed dose of positivity with her book.

In her book Mann shares the keys that aided her to find and unleash her happiness in spite of all she endured growing up and beyond. Each chapter will reveal different incidents of her life and how she was able to overcome the many obstacles thrown at her. In her opinion and experience, happiness is the key to success, better relationships, better health and an overall better look on life. She believes it truly is a superpower and the key to fulfillment. A very timely message for today’s world filled with fear, anxiety and stress.

“As the quarantine continues and so many people are falling into despair, I want people to understand happiness is a choice no matter the circumstance. My book provides tools to assist,” Mann stated.

“Happiness Matters ~ Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps” delves into a deeper and much clearer definition of happiness, even though opinions of this definition vary wildly. By looking at the definition of happiness, the effects of our emotional states on our circumstances is undeniable linked to natural laws and its effects. Beenie explores whether there is a direct connection between our emotions and the results when get in our lives.

With the number of infected people and total deaths climbing everyday due to the coronavirus, the goal of “Happiness Matters ~ Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps” is to help people to find happiness during this dark time brought by this pandemic and in everyday of their lives.

“Like others, I’ve dealt with dark times, pain, abuse and more. I’ve discovered it’s possible to overcome, to shine, and to yes, be truly happy. I hope that my story will inspire the readers of my book, to overcome obstacles and live a life of happiness,” Beenie added.

“I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get more out of life. Through her incredible life story she guides you, through 7 simple steps, how to be a happier, brighter person.” Jay Billups – Creative Media

“Beenie Mann takes us on a quest through our ego-system and empowers us to cultivate our own sustainable eco-system of happiness. We take an inspiring walk with her on her own courageous superhero’s journey. Tamara Moore – Founding CEO, Relevel, LLC

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