Bestselling Author and Business Owner Sarah P Hits three Amazon Best Seller Lists with her debut book “Level Up!“

Bestselling Author and Business Owner Sarah P‘s recent release, Level Up! 5 Powerful Steps to Elevate Your Life and Business hit’s best seller list on August 12, 2021, climbing all the way to #1 in the categories of Free Enterprise, Sustainable Development Economics, and Adult & Continuing Education.

Level Up gives business readers practical ways to improve their self-confidence, communication skills, work/life integration practices and client relations from a holistic standpoint. The author shares success tips learned from overcoming childhood bullying, divorce, low self-esteem and corporate bullying to now creating harmony in her personal life, surrounding herself with a solid support system and running a thriving international company that she leads, which has generated seven figures in sales in just a few years.

In response to the book hitting #1, P stated, “”I’ve achieved a long-time goal of mine, which is to become a published author! It’s been my personal mission to share my story of how I bounced back from life’s obstacles and how others can too, especially women entrepreneurs. In the book, I give examples through my personal experiences and anecdotes on how to thrive no matter what you’re faced with. Thank you to my publisher, Launching Leaders Publishing Group. As well as, my book mentor Jerica Glasper who guided me through the entire process of book writing. I have now proudly joined the ranks as a bestselling author by simply being me and sharing my knowledge.”

With the recent popularity around topics such as personal growth, mindfulness, and being resilient in the face of challenges being in the media headlines due to the pandemic, Level Up! touches on a subject matter that is a hot topic and a must read for women business owners, personal development seekers and high achieving corporate professionals.


Sarah P is a millennial woman business owner of an international agency, #1 Bestselling Author and former social media strategist who is known for her positive, high-energy personality. She values integrity, customer service, relationship building and operating in excellence.

Sarah brings unique perspectives gained from living in a bi-racial Asian-Caucasian American household where education and high performance were the standard. She served as a competitive ice figure skater turned professional coach for 16 plus years. In addition, she has a wealth of social media marketing knowledge gained from building her former social media influencer brand to over 90k followers.

Sarah empowers audiences through her own personal transformation journey and lessons learned from running a global company with keys to thrive as both the CEO of your life and business.

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