Bob and Diane Palmer, Authors of “Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success,” Offer Free Copy of International Bestseller for a Limited Time

Bob and Diane Palmer are the ultimate “power couple” for a variety of reasons. As personal growth and development coaches, both have offered countless clients the support and advice to take their lives to the next level. Now, they have co-authored a book that distills the substance of their wisdom and teaching for readers who want to expand their personal growth at a faster pace. For a limited time, the Palmers are offering a free copy of Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success: Tools to Help Get You Further Down Your Road through their website.

According to the authors, many people feel they have had to abandon their dreams and “settle” in life. This book is written for them. The practical exercises in the book can help anyone develop a path forward to greater personal achievement. As Bob and Diane say, “By learning to adjust your attitude, you can see life with more gratitude. You can learn how to take more responsibility for your life, set goals and actually reach them.” The book will help those who have experienced failure and rejection to turn these things into positives and make productive use of feedback. Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success can set readers on the path to greater joy and fulfillment.

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and co-author of The Success Principles says, “Bob and Diane have taken the principles and tools for accelerating one’s achievement of success and have managed to put those powerful breakthrough concepts and techniques in this very easy and fun-to-read book.”

For a limited time, visitors to the Palmer’s website can download a free copy of Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success, a $32 value.  Simply visit

About Bob and Diane Palmer:  Bob and Diane Palmer are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who not only offer personal growth and development coaching to a multitude of clients, but have also co-authored a book that itemizes their tips for personal and professional success. Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success summarizes all of their best principles and practices in an easy-to-read format.

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