Boost Career, Leadership and Team Performance with Sarah-J Coaching

Sarah Jones, Founder of Coaching and Training had to take responsibility for her life, her decisions, in order to achieve the life, she envisioned for herself. At a young age, her mindset was growing into a flexible, can-do way of thinking which eventually led to her helping others to overcome their own challenges and negative thinking.

Her parents instilled a strong work ethic in her and encouraged her to set high standards for herself and make the best of every opportunity.  She was very determined and decided to grab the steering wheel and become the pilot – not the passenger – in her own life.

Her challenging upbringing, fraught with economic, financial & personal struggles that would defeat the sturdiest of people, only made her determined to live life to the max – it completely shifted her way of thinking and outlook on life. It left her feeling in the flow, full of purpose, clear about her goals and itching to act on them. She had gained a confidence that she never experienced.

Sarah provides career transformation coaching for motivated individuals – whether that’s a new career, a side hustle that may become a new career, venture or business – or creating more impact and getting promotion in her clients’ current professions.

For organisations, she turns around talent, executives and teams to the highest levels of performance and leadership! She provides executive, team coaching and runs specialist programmes to help women executives with confidence, boldness and assertiveness, and newly promoted managers succeed in the leap to leadership.

Her life experiences help in her coaching business because she overcame obstacles and became more confident. She became her real authentic self and started to realise it was completely possible to live life on her terms. 

She was always determined but she needed that extra insight into how her own thought and actions were creating results she didn’t want. So, after these shifts brought about by having coaching at a very young age herself, she realised that this was game changing and wanted to help others do the same!

She has always had an insatiable drive for living a “glass full: full” life and seeing silver linings where other may see grey. This outlook led to a successful career in corporate communications up to board level by her early 30’s. Being the only female in the room for leading organisations she realized success comes from the inside out. She calls this “inside out leadership” where you start with yourself first what you want, how you show up, give your best and the results will follow. This allows you to be the pilot in your life not a passive passenger on someone else’s journey.

Sarah has been there, and if she can do it, so can you!  don’t stick with a J.O.B – but “jump on boa” to find what you love to do and live life on your terms.

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