Brenda Flick, Owner & Managing Broker of RealPro Real Estate Professionals, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Brenda Flick discusses how she helps her clients Save Thousands of Dollars when selling their homes. Home sellers who want to maximize their return on investment should pay close attention to this program, especially in this current real estate market. Understanding how pricing works in the real estate market allows sellers to price their homes accordingly. With Brenda’s program, they keep more of their equity, ensuring they net the highest possible price for their property. To get the most money for your home, it’s important to know the prices of comparable properties in the area. This will provide a good idea of what buyers are willing to pay for a similar home. Additionally, it’s important to stage your home in a way that is appealing to potential buyers. This can significantly affect how much the home ultimately sells for. Working with an experienced and reputable real estate agent ensures that home sellers get the best possible price for the home.

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Brenda explained that: “The RealPro Team works for FREE to Sell your home, providing you all the services you have come to expect from any Full-Service Real Estate Company when they assist you with your next home purchase. They are paid from purchasing your next home by that Seller, which is also at no cost to you. So the seller of your next home pays for your listing agent to sell your current home. For example, on a $500,000 home, this program would save you $16,000. Based on a 6% commission. Keep in mind there are no set commission rates in Co. But it’s that simple, no hidden strings, extra flat fees, or upfront costs.”

Client Loree Pulford, says: “My husband and I just sold our home (in one day) and purchased another one this month using Brenda and Patrick at RealPro and had a great experience. They are both very professional and definitely know their stuff. They did not charge us a dime for SELLING our home, their commission was paid by the seller of the home we purchased. They saved us a minimum of $15,000 on the sale of our home. They worked very hard for us as it took us a while, and several offers, to find our new home. We found both Brenda and Patrick to be completely trustworthy, dedicated and very informative throughout the whole process. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is selling or buying a home. Their name definitely does say it all – they are Real Pro’s. You will not be disappointed.”

About Brenda Flick

Brenda Flick has been a real estate agent since 2001. In 2003 she was in the Top 3% of her Re/Max office, when she left Re/Max and started RealPro Real Estate Professionals, offering this incredible program of listing her clients’ homes at Zero% when she assisted them with their next home purchase. This program Saves her clients Thousands of Dollars, letting them keep their home equity instead of paying high commission rates. Now 20 years later she is still offering this same program and finding herself now helping many of her prior clients’ children with their home purchase, passing the savings on to the next generation.

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