Brilliance Business TV Features Self-Proclaimed Ms. Mermaid, Dawn Bates, Who Shares Her Love for The Ocean and How She Uses Her Remarkable Gift of Guiding Others to Discover the Power in Their Voice!

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Mark catches up with guest favorite, Dawn Bates, who is giggling (her personal trademark…) her way into 2021, realizing that every day is a beautiful day when you’re in love with yourself and can live in a state of being grateful. This mantra has served Dawn remarkably well who, after years of being bullied for spending the majority of her time in the library reading and labeled a geek, is now a self-proclaimed geek. These struggles made her stronger in a beautiful way and her love of books, has only increased over the years. Dawn speaks 5 languages, 3 fluently, and is working on her Ph.D. in International Law and Social Justice so that she can serve her clients on even greater levels.

Dawn, who is an international best-selling author many times over, author coach and strategist, publisher, and captivating speaker, is the first one in her family to become an entrepreneur, the first to move away, and the first to attempt to do something very different with her life. She has a tremendous love for the ocean, and exploring, and isn’t called Ms. Mermaid for nothing. She is happiest when she is on the water. To truly know Dawn is to understand that she herself is ocean deep and she wants to use her knowledge and gifts to change the world!

Using her 22 years of leadership, cultural diversity, human rights and community cohesion, cross-cultural communication, publishing, and writing for business and movement success, Dawn Bates is eager to share her discoveries and knowledge with the 11 individuals that will soon take part in her 7-month AUTHORity Mastermind. These individuals, who are seeking to assign great meaning to their passions and bring them to life, will embark on a journey of closely analyzing the spiritual aspect of cultural diversity, brand expansion, leveraging all of this into a business and so much more. Guided by Dawn, these fortunate 11 will develop a renewed sense of leadership and the ability to hone in on, and harness, their most powerful skills. This journey will be about genuine authority over one’s own life and will be an incredible deep dive! By the end of the 7 months, each individual will have written a chapter for a collaborative book to launch in early 2022.

Dawn’s ideal clients are those who are interested in social change and are willing to use their life and voice to make big things happen! The clients, whether they are leaders, CEO’s or entrepreneurs, have to be willing to invest to achieve the results they desire. Time, money, energy, thoughts – all of it! Dreamers are also optimal clients for Dawn. Regardless of who they are, if the individuals are committed to their dreams, invested in making a difference in the world, and ready to jump in feet first, then they are perfectly suited for Dawn’s coaching programs.

Dawn’s customized coaching is what allows many clients to break through barriers and be propelled to heights they never even knew existed. She has a magical ability to enable individuals to assign a voice to their personal, powerful stories that in turn spark very powerful conversations. This is what great books are made of! And, when an individual writes a book, it is the creation of a business product. Simply put, books need to be producing monthly profits and need to provide a solid ROI for the author, otherwise, the efforts aren’t worth it. Dawn guides these individuals to invest deeper in themselves and their purpose and helps them find the readers who will invest in buying their books.

One thing to note about Dawn is that she does not agree with “thinking outside the box.” For Dawn, there is no box and there are no limits! She believes that each individual has been given a voice for a reason and that it is a responsibility to use it. It is only then that individuals can make a real difference in the world, and when a book is created from this is when wonderfully innovative things happen, and this is where abundance will be found! Dawn’s gift of helping others tap into their active passions and turning them into thriving books and businesses is notably unmatched. Her belief in surrendering to the universe, letting it know what is desired, and knowing it will come is a guiding force in all she does and has not let her down. Trust this, and trust the connectedness, and the rest will come!


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