Butterfly Dream Foundation Gives Wings for Dreams to Fly

Ty Moore on Why the Butterfly Dream Foundation Gives Wings for Dreams to Fly

Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

As a divorced, single-mom with a background in healthcare marketing, Ty Moore felt a pull to explore and knew she was meant for something more.

She spent several years traveling the world making incredible connections and chasing down a higher purpose while enhancing her personal development all in an effort to discover her calling.

After continuous prayer and seeking guidance on the next steps in life, she had her epiphany!

Ty realized she was meant to form a foundation that would allow individuals worldwide to live debt-free and enjoy a life of financial freedom.

Utilizing her experience in credit building and repair, and partnering with Cynthia Hawkins who has 30+ years in non-profit executive office and administration experience, Ty knew that their talents could benefit so many others.

And so the journey began to make a remarkable change in the world!

Butterfly Dream Foundation was formed in 2021, as a State 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide individuals in dire need of financial assistance, with the tools, guidance, and funding they need, to pursue their dreams!

The foundation supports individuals ranging from high school graduates, college-age young adults, low-income individuals, and even seniors, who share a goal of achieving the next level in life but needing assistance to get there.

The Butterfly Dream Foundation exists to serve the community and to help others advance into a life where they too may discover their purpose and live a life of contentment.

The Butterfly Dream Foundation offers a comprehensive list of services including: 

  • Scholarships to Graduates Attending College
  • Various Youth Mentorship Programs
  • Offering Grants and Resources for First Time Homebuyers and Real-Estate Connections
  • Mentoring and Education on Business Planning and Repairing Credit
  • Assisting Low-Income Families with Financial Hardships
  • Resources for Family Counseling, Social Services, and Senior Placement
  • Financial Education for Entrepreneurs

While other organizations do exist to help the community, The Butterfly Dream Foundation is unique in that they offer a multitude of referral connections to help individuals get back on track, receive the best resources possible, and enjoy a life of abundance.

They truly are the people that are here to help people and have such a passion for assisting others with a continued search for additional services encompassing any and all needs in life.

In forming the 501(c)(3) organization, Ty was aware that her mission would not come easy.

She has worked tirelessly to seek sponsors, and partnerships, to help fund the goals of the organization and welcomes new means for promoting and funding educational and advancement opportunities for the clients she serves.

The cocoon stage, is the most crucial stage for a caterpillar.

It is centered around monumental transformation, where development happens to allow the caterpillar to emerge into a beautiful butterfly which can then fly off into a world where the sky is the limit.

Ty’s vision of waking up daily, knowing that she is a part of offering the world truth and purpose, and creating a legacy is something that not only affords her clients great dreams but Ty’s as well. 

While the world is always in need of more optimism and believers in the pursuit of happiness it does not always happen with ease.

The current state of the world is certainly one where opportunity is a little more challenging and dreams are not as accessible. The helping hand of this ‘guardian angel’ organization is here to say that individuals can achieve greatness, well-being, and financial freedom.

Simply put, the Butterfly Dream Foundation does make dreams come true!

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