CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media Nicki Krawczyk Joins the Course Creation Incubator Podcast to Talk About How to Fix Common Online Course Marketing Mistakes

CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media, Nicki Krawczyk, appeared as a guest on the Course Creation Incubator Podcast to talk about her popular Circuit Sales System Course.

Nicki is an accomplished online course creator who has launched several online programs to support entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators. Her programs include the Circuit Sales System, Filthy Rich Writer, and Fired up Freelance. Circuit Sales System teaches digital entrepreneurs how to implement a lucrative automated sales process, providing an alternative to live launch and evergreen funnel sales models.

Based on her experience, Nicki offered Course Creation Incubator listeners tips on avoiding common marketing mistakes that hold them back from making more online course sales.

During the conversation, Nicki discussed the top four problems that stand between online course creators and audience connection:

  • Not being authentic
  • Focusing on yourself more than your audience
  • Assuming you “get” your audience
  • Relying solely on surface-level info

In this episode, Nicki also speaks about proven strategies online course creators can take to avoid and correct these mistakes.

Nicki shared, “One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is assuming they know what their target audience wants. We’re making a big assumption that our audience is thinking and talking the same way we did when we were going through the same thing. But you’re not your target audience anymore. The way that you think now and speak now is post-transformation. So don’t make the assumption that you know exactly what they’re thinking, needing, wanting before the transformation.”

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About Nicki Krawczyk

As the visionary CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media, Nicki Krawczyk loves to challenge the conventional norms of live launching and traditional evergreen strategies. Her proven methodologies provide course creators with a predictable path to success, freeing them from the stress and limitations of outdated approaches. In addition to her revolutionary Circuit Sales System course, she also offers additional programs through her Filthy Rich Writer and Fired up Freelance brands for would-be copywriters and freelancers alike.

Nicki’s magnetic personality and contagious passion light up every interaction. A sought-after speaker and guest on various podcasts, including The Traffic & Conversions Show, Luscious Hustle, and Life Skills That Matter, she loves to share her wealth of knowledge and insights, inspiring and motivating course creators to elevate their businesses to new heights. In addition to guesting, Nicki is also the host of two podcasts herself, Build Your Copywriting Business and Energize Your Online Business.

Beyond her expertise in course creation, Nicki finds joy in exploring the world through travel, seeking new adventures, and nurturing her own personal growth mindset. Her unwavering commitment to continuous improvement mirrors her dedication to helping others succeed.






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