Children’s Book Author and Mom To Eight, Heather Davis Hits Multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists with Inclusion Book “The Blomes & The Smooms and the Impossible Bridge” Illustrated By Corryn Webb

Heather Davis’s recent release, The Blomes & The Smooms and the Impossible Bridge hit’s best seller list on May 13, 2021, climbing all the way to #1 in the Social Activism & Volunteering, and Immigration books categories, and various Top 5 positions in the categories of Diversity & Multicultural eBooks, Inspirational & Personal Growth, and Disability books for children.

In response to the book hitting #1 Davis stated, “As I was writing this story I really wanted to create a fun, cute story that would teach children (and their parents) the importance of accepting and being able to work with people who are different from them, and accepting what makes them unique and special. It is so wonderful to see these categories. I really feel like this message is needed and is being received.”

Illustrations were created by Corryn Webb, who is also well known for her fascinating images in the “Waverly The Witch” 3-book series by Angela Lindsey, and the “Under The Green” 5-book series by A.R. Hetherington.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, sales of children’s books have increased dramatically according to NPD BookScan, with growth largely driven by pandemic-fueled interest in educational workbooks, coloring and activity books, books about inclusion & diversity and other titles that help families cope with the crisis.

Well known non-fiction business author Mike Michalowicz’s next book Get Different, highlights how leading with differences in marketing activities can contribute to business and personal brand success; currently he is working on a children’s book edition of his bestselling non-fiction book, Profit First.

Even Hollywood celebrity Kristen Bell has co authored a children’s book “The World Needs More Purple People” that speaks to the similarities that exist, that bring people together, between the obviously different red, and blue. 

5 out of 5 stars Sweet and simple yet deeper upon consideration
At first you’re thinking this is a “stars upon thars” knock off. Keep reading. It does have a Dr Seuss feel to it, not just because it rhymes. It has that lively cadence that keeps you moving forward. You are drawn down it like a river’s flowing current. Props to the author for that. It’s not easy to achieve and maintain.

… contains multiple morals that can be used as teaching opportunities for young and old without actually preaching a sermon. It’s very sweet and simple but gains depth with consideration.

I have to mention the amazing illustrations. Kids will love exploring all the little details of what’s happening in the pictures. … provide yet another layer for parents and children to dive into and explore. Take a little walk around these villages and talk about the interesting details happening there.”

The beautiful valley is full of ugly fighting between the Blomes and the Smooms. If they can’t learn to work together, the bridge will never be built. The Blomes and the Smooms think they have nothing in common. The Blomes don’t care how things look. They just love to learn and invent. The Smooms love beauty. They strive to create it wherever they can. The trouble is, each group has things the others want. When the Blomes and the Smooms decide to build a bridge to bring their two groups closer, they find themselves fighting worse than ever before. Can they find a way to work together to build the bridge, or will the Blomes and the Smooms stay divided forever?

Heather lives in Eagle, Idaho. Her journey to become a mom of eight has been a bumpy one that has included infertility, being a foster parent, adoption, and special needs parenting. She now has a big family of two biological children and six adopted children. As a mom of eight children, she uses books and stories to teach her children. Reading books to her children is a special time for her. Sometimes she still pulls out one of their favorite children’s stories and her big teenagers all gather around and listen.

Heather graduated from BYU Pathway and is currently studying public health at BYU-IDAHO

To learn more about Heather Davis and the various events that can be booked for schools and libraries to fundraise visit

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