Cindy Costley, Shares Powerful Secrets to Mastering the Human Experience in Navigating the Clickety-Clack

Cindy Costley, Shares Powerful Secrets to Mastering the Human Experience in Navigating the Clickety Clack

The year 2020 was heavily defined by the pandemic, and a world that previously provided abundance, opportunity, connection, and enjoyment, seemingly overnight turned to one of fear, uncertainty, and isolation, and for many, it was the perfect recipe for creating a mentality of lack. After months of continued unwelcome surprises, periods of lockdown, and global social and economic meltdowns much of the world began wondering if a sense of normalcy would ever return.

Navigating the Clickety-Clack BookAs the evaporation of worldwide certainty, that blanketed much of 2020, was not a secret, Keith Leon S. promptly formed and delivered a solution to the world in Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World, a guide filled with stories and strategies from world-renowned authors and thought leaders. The welcome reception of this book supplied Keith with motivation to develop a Volume 2, presenting all-new experts, and releasing April 6th! 

Cindy Costley, undoubtedly an expert navigator of the clickety-clack, grew up with an incredibly loving family. Early on, Cindy began to face the type of challenges that would ultimately make her the warrior she is today. Cindy experienced early childhood sexual trauma, loss both personally and professionally, and an illness beginning at age 15 that lasted for decades, causing her life to be led by daily thoughts built around minimizing allergic reactions while balancing marriage, kids, career, and social interaction.

For 37 years, the identity she embraced was the ‘girl allergic to the world.’ Cindy’s allergen counts were higher than her MD had ever seen, at 500 times higher than the average person for dust mites and an overall allergen count over 3,200 when the average individual’s upper limit is between 150 and 300. Most doctors did not know how to help her. One suggested 15-18 allergy shots per week, but mentioned he wasn’t sure if her body could handle it nor could he guarantee it would help. The possibility of finding a cure, and living a peace-filled life, often seemed bleak. 

Through years, and years, and even more years of funneling through doctors and various types of treatments, to which Cindy did decide to pass on worm therapy (yes, she thought ick too!), she eventually realized that functional doctors were the solution she’d been praying for! It is important to note, that Cindy had never address the spiritual aspects of healing, and that surely everything she had gone through had taken its toll on her.

Determined not to give up, Cindy consulted with a psychic medium who changed her life! As revealed by the psychic, Cindy’s body had been desperately trying to release her childhood trauma, which manifested itself in the form of allergic reactions. For the first time in years, Cindy felt she could breathe in a sigh of relief knowing that there truly was a direct correlation between energy and the body. It was at this moment, that she knew it was time for the healing to begin!

Multiple award-winning best-selling author, and owner of Beyond Belief Publishing, Keith Leon S., introduces an all-new, highly impressive list of experts, within a variety of fields, in Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World – Volume 2.

The second edition features Cindy Costley, Integrative Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur whose own spiritual awakening has allowed her to impact many individuals who have dealt with recent or past traumas and bring them to a place of awareness and release, Dr. Joe Vitale, a master at uncovering secrets that allow people to live the life of their dreams, Law of Attraction expert and author of The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out, and  “Magical Living Master” Marie Diamond, a prominent voice on Law of Attraction, and a gifted seer who is a contributor to the worldwide sensation The Secret

The list of mega-motivational contributing authors, whose empowering stories of discovery, and enlightenment, include Phyllis Marlene Benstein, Kathy Bradley, Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Adam Markel, Dario Cucci, Brian Evans, Naomi Gillespie, Deanna Hansen, Brigitte Keane, Lidia Kuleshnyk, Gwen Lepard, Jason Daveon Mitchell, Cassie Schwind, Jennifer Sprague, Linda Tan, Lisa Warner, and Leslie Warren.

Volume 2 will allow readers to:

  • Receive tips and tools from a wide variety of experienced voices!

  • Become empowered and able to overcome life’s challenges!

  • Learn to make positive changes in emotional and spiritual health!

  • Uncover possibilities hidden within challenging times!

  • Locate peace and calm in the chaos!

Still not sure what the clickety-clackis? This term, coined by Fletch Rainey, spiritual mentor to Keith Leon S., and his wife Maura, represented occasional periods of doubt that are a typical experience throughout life. To illustrate the term, Rainey described a child riding a ten-speed bicycle and highlighted the moment where the child needs to change gears.

During the moment of gears changing, it makes a sound that Rainey called the clickety-clack. Now, for anyone who has ever ridden a ten-speed, they certainly can recall this moment but merely as a small detail of the whole bike riding experience. As a child, this sound is just one of many along the amazing journey.

The gift that exists in Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World- Volume 2 is authenticity, vulnerability, and simplicity. And possibly an alternate view on navigating life’s clickety-clack moments, that may allow adults to envelop the wonders of life for all that they are, eliminate fear, and master the human experience!

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