Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast, Reaches 25 episodes

Colorado Real Estate Leaders’ Podcast, launched in Spring 2022, reaches 25 episodes.

The podcast offers the career journeys, insight, and advice of real estate and mortgage lending experts. The Colorado industry leaders, from mortgage bank branch managers to real estate moguls, divulge the details of everything from their career origins to success stories to opinions on the market.

The stories are great listening for an industry patron or even someone interested in joining the field and learning more. Trailstone Insurance Group produces the podcast to bring the real estate community together through shared experiences and knowledge.

In honor of the 25th episode, Lauren Hendrick, executive producer, wants to continue to air incredible career stories and celebrate the professional community. “I am just so excited by the energy that our real estate leaders bring to their episodes,” Hendrick elaborates, “I love meeting passionate professionals and knowing that the stories they bring to our podcast will reach other passionate individuals!”

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About Lauren Hendrick

Lauren Hendrick is the Executive Producer of ‘The Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast. Lauren is a marketing professional and has a zest for networking. She is a lifelong learner and storytelling enthusiast who loves to hear about other professionals’ experiences in the industry, especially in Colorado!

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