Create A Dream Lifestyle Online With Anna Davidson

Anna Davidson’s story begins by growing up with a supportive family, having 2 kids and surviving an abusive marriage. These adversities drove her to create a life of her own where she could be there for her kids and generate an income to support her family. She quickly realized the answer was leveraging online communities!

She then began to run workshops coaching and educating other business owners who were in the same situation as she was.  She wanted to find a way to replace the income she was used to and was inspired by Digital and Social platforms. Therefore, she created a diverse online community called “Your Freedom Project”, started a podcast, has been featured in Forbes and became an author of her book She Made It Happen and industry leader in eCommerce! 

The “Your Freedom Project” is a community sharing and supporting each other to grow, be financially free, detach from past experiences, and to fulfill a life of self-discovery, self-care and self-love. As a result, the Your Freedom Podcast was born where she has interviewed celebrities to the every day folk who all have inspiring stories to share.

Anna’s eCommerce sales industry skills are very diverse and have proven results! She has clients around the globe including: US, Canada, UK & Europe and Australia. Her portfolio of products ranges from categories like: Home & Kitchen, Health & Personal Care & Beauty, Toys.

Apart from selling and marketing for her clients, she also coaches and runs regular training courses. She is very well connected within the Amazon network, and works closely with some very successful Amazon Veterans who have been selling on Amazon since it was launched.

Her newest program and addition to her array of services is called “Make Sh*t Happen”, where she wants to help people in this current climate who may’ve lost their job and want to take their services or products online.  

She would like to help others learn how to sell on Amazon, escape their 9-5 or create a new one, and take products to a whole new level with innovative techniques and tools.  

Anna is very authentic, she has gained some hands-on experience selling on Amazon and would like to help people find nice products to launch globally and build a long term brand and profitable business!

The question is… Are you ready to take the leap and create your dream job?

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