Curtis L. Jenkins, Author, Award-winning Project Management Professional, Keynote Speaker, Forbes Contributor & Philanthropist, Interviewed on Podcast

Jenkins discusses the benefits of  his Realization Framework Experience. He works with clients ready to go to the next level. Visionaries are eager to realize their full potential and need support, connections, and advisory. Every experience is another step… and another opportunity to learn and grow. This is the foundation on which Curtis L. Jenkins built his revolutionary methodology – The Realization Framework Experience ®. Using the framework, Jenkins helps entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in business, avoid backsliding into negative habits, and achieve their dreams – turning vision into reality.

Curtis explained, “Succeeding in business is no easy task, but Jenkins’ approach, backed by years of experience, can help each unique entrepreneur clear the fog and take the next steps toward realizing their dreams.”

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In his bestselling book, “Vision to Reality, Stop Working, Start Living,” Jenkins shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to turn vision into a reality using his revolutionary methodology – the Realization Framework Experience®. Jenkins’ inspiration sprang from Desmond Tutu’s famous wise words: “There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” Entrepreneurs who are facing challenges with growing their businesses often face the same issues that impede their growth. Many entrepreneurs believe that to grow their businesses, they must work harder and harder. They overlook the importance of the team, the financials, and a solid plan that must be executed and adjusted on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They don’t understand the concept of working “on the business” because they are too often working – harder and harder – “in the business”, creating another job for themselves instead of rising to leadership and orchestrating a well-run business.


Vision to Reality provides a simple set of steps to help entrepreneurs realize their vision for their business and “clear the fog” for everyone involved to get on board with executing the vision. The goal of Vision to Reality is to help entrepreneurs clear the fog for themselves and their business, giving them confidence that they can tackle problems head-on despite the problems appearing insurmountable. It is unique and appealing because it introduces a new opportunity, using simple but effective foundational principles and tools often overlooked by entrepreneurs in their quest for business success.

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About Curtis L. Jenkins

Curtis L. Jenkins, Author, Award winning Project Management Professional, Keynote Speaker, Forbes contributor and Philanthropist, is an innovative business advisor who focuses on servicing small to midsize companies. He specializes in enabling client growth, working directly with business owners with direct coaching and also developing and leading their advisory boards. He serves small to midsize companies, specializing in enabling client’s strategic growth by concentrating on the company vision, business strategy alignment, culture, operations, and key projects.

Curtis’ approach is based on his trademarked – REALIZATION FRAMEWORK EXPERIENCE®  which focuses on Vision, Operations (Financial and Human Capital), Planning & Execution and Accountability (Key Performance Indicators and Advisory Board support). His new book Vision to Reality, Stop Working, Start Living; details this approach and serves as a guide to business leaders who want to grow their companies to 7 and 8 figures.

Curtis’ career spans 20+ years as a Project Management Executive in Mergers & Acquisitions, Global Information Technology Projects, Lean, Six Sigma, and Management Consulting in many industries.

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