Daily Texas TV Show With 1.5 Million Viewers To Showcase Companies That Support Small Town Economies

(Brenham, TX) The producer of over 300 live daily TV shows wants to feature you and your company, if you support local businesses in small towns.

Jim Grant, producer and host of “Messages Of Inspirational Stories” attracts an average audience of 1.5 million viewers each month. Women make up 65% of the viewers for the upbeat, good news show he airs 5 days a week.

Now Grant is launching a series of shows featuring small towns, and the business owners and local leaders he calls the “Backbone of America.”

Simply put, Jim Grant is on a mission to promote these small businesses and towns to his 1.5 million viewers.

Grant explains, “According to the Governor’s office, small businesses make up 99.8% of all businesses in Texas and employ 4.7 million people. That’s more than the entire population of 15 states! These really are the ‘Backbone of America.’ Yet often, these small businesses… especially those in small towns, have fewer resources to get the word out. We want to change that, and we’re looking for small towns with Main Street businesses to be featured on our show.

“We are working with the Texas Governor’s office and Travel Texas and they are excited and very supportive about how this mini-series will also promote tourism to these towns, because we are including local community leaders to share all the other great attractions and lifestyle advantages of each town.”

Grant realizes there are real world costs to such an initiative, but he has already gotten a tremendous amount of encouragement from several companies that also focus on small town markets. “For example, we have signed a national book publisher, Branded Experts Press, to sponsor a weekly show called ‘Ideas Worth Knowing.’ They are providing access to their entire library with over 1000 bestselling business books for these small-town business owners, at no cost.”

Grant adds, “I know many corporations also support small businesses and small towns. Many national and regional companies have a local presence, some company owned or licensed, others franchised. As long as your business is supporting the local economy and local businesses, we would love to feature you our show. Even more, if your company thrives on local markets, we encourage you to support those towns through a direct sponsorship of our coverage or through your co-op program with your local owners.”

A big advantage for companies: While most streaming shows and podcasts produce one show a week or less, “Messages Of Inspirational Stories” airs FIVE hour-long shows a week, each with a different theme.

So, Grant needs a LOT of businesses to showcase on his shows!

“A big part of our success is because we structure our shows based on our viewers’ interests, with different themes for each day of the week, so we always know our audience watching our shows are interested in the specific topic of the day. Having a theme that viewers connect with gives our sponsors and advertisers more relevance…a powerful advantage.”

Mondays focus on: “Expanding Your Business”
Tuesdays: “Natural Health and Wellness”
Wednesdays: “Mentoring Our Youth”
Thursdays: “Ideas Worth Knowing”
Fridays: “Women In Leadership”

“Back in 2020, by only our fourth show, our unique approach prompted Merle Haggard’s son, Marty Haggard, to appear as a featured guest.” Haggard has since appeared on several more shows and even co-produced a special live concert with Grant last year, honoring his Dad, Merle Haggard, and raising proceeds for the VFW Foundation nationwide. Grant is an Army veteran and is again promoting the VFW Foundation in this new series of shows.

Since its founding in 2020, “Messages Of Inspirational Stories” is regularly watched by 1.5 million viewers a month. Shows air live Monday-Friday at 3 p.m. CST on e360TV.com, recently selected as the preferred broadcast network for the NFL Players Association, and can be streamed anytime at https://messagesofinspirationalstories.live/ or at https://IdeasWorthKnowing.com. Shows are also available on all major streaming channels including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Fire TV and others.

To have your business featured or for sponsorship information, contact:

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