Darla Evon’s New Book “Broken To Beautiful” Hits Multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists

Master Mental and Emotional Release Coach and Hypnotherapist Darla Evon’s Kindle version release of Broken To Beautiful, hit Amazon.com’s Best Seller list on June 26th, 2020. It climbed all the way to Number One in the Grief & Loss, Divorce & Separation Family Law and Two-Hour Parenting and Relationships Short Reads categories.

Broken To Beautiful also climbed to the Number One spot as an Amazon Kindle Hot New Release in the Divorce and Women’s Inspirational Spirituality categories.

In her newly released Amazon Best Seller, “Broken To Beautiful”, Darla Evon provides the tools for inspiration, guidance and positive living. She also shares the process she used to find the strength to get back up after being knocked down over and over again.

The purpose and mission of Darla’s book is to connect with people’s hearts and to communicate love, hope and transformation. Her intention is to offer hope and tools to impact lives in a positive way. Evon doesn’t pretend to know it all or to be perfect.

“We all have adversity; however, it’s what we do with it that will affect our results and the remainder of our lives.  I am simply a messenger and a resource, not the solution.  My message is about being enough in this world and inspiring others to take that step to be all that they are destined for,” Darla stated.

A positive attitude cultivated by positive thinking also has important health benefits. A recent article by the Mayo Clinic stated, “The positive thinking that usually comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management.” And the well known health and medical news and information website WebMD, also listed many benefits of an optimistic attitude including: longer life span, lower chance of having a heart attack and better pain tolerance, among many others.

Darla Evon’s “Broken To Beautiful”, is available on the Amazon Kindle Book Store or by going here: https://amazon.com/dp/B08BJH4D9K.


Daral Evon is a coach, an international speaker, author, a board certified-master level neurolinguistic programming practitioner, a master Mental and Emotional Release coach, a hypnotherapist and licensed dental hygienist/health science professional. She is also known as the “chuck-it-bucket” gal, since she started speaking. She continues to prove that we are all capable of overcoming any obstacle.

For more information please visit: https://DarlaEvonInternational.com. You can follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn  You can also email her at: darla@darlaevoninternational.com

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