Dave Skattum, Health Guru and Inspirational Speaker, Launches New Podcast on The Business Innovators Radio Network called “The 4 Pillars of Men’s Health”

In his late forties some life changing experiences created a starting gate for him to make drastic changes in his life to improve his health. Since then he has taken off 70 pounds, participates in Triathlons and Ultra Trail running, has weaned himself off junk food and enjoys nutritious foods, become accurate in his thinking and has taken his spiritual life to a new level.

When speaking to an audience about his story about getting healthy, he brings excitement and hope. Dave is a Certified Nutritarian, a CPT, Distinguished Toastmaster and a Certified Instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Dave states, “With The 4 Pillars of Men’s Health, I’ll be bringing interviews with industry experts bringing cutting edge Men’s health content, and interviews with regular guys who have done it right or have come back from the abyss to win in health, and I’ll share strategies I used to regain my health.”

The 4 Pillars of Men’s Health is featured on the Business Innovators Radio Network where listeners can find current and upcoming episodes.  

To get in touch with Dave email the4pillarsofmenshealth@gmail.com. For a deeper dive or to order his book visit http://www.the4pillarsofmenshealth.com

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