David Norrie Hits Amazon Best Seller List with “Turned On“

The recent release by Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach and Speaker, David Norrie, “Turned On: Tuning In, In a Tuned-Out World,” hit Amazon.com’s best seller list on May 12, 2020 climbing all the way to No. 1 in the Christian Leadership and Religious Leadership categories. The book was also on the best seller’s list in Men’s Christian Living, Men’s Inspirational Spirituality, Conduct of Life & Spirituality, Personal Success & Spirituality, Personal Transformation & Spirituality, Inspirational Personal Testimonies, and Sociology of Marriage and Family categories.

The book was also a No. 1 Hot New Release in several categories on Amazon, including Christian Leadership, Religious Leadership, Men’s Christian Living, Men’s Inspirational Spirituality, Conduct of Life & Spirituality, Personal Success & Spirituality, and Sociology of Marriage and Family categories.

In this book, Norrie reveals how shortened attention spans in a fast-paced, competitive world have caused many to be unable to disconnect or relax. Devices that were intended to simplify tasks and create more free time have instead consumed more time. People no longer stand in line without reaching for a phone. Family dinners are interrupted by electronic devices. There is no connection with the people surrounding us. The light in the world is dim and it’s time to get TURNED ON.

“Turned On: Tuning In, In a Tuned-Out Word” is a hot topic and a must-read for anyone who is so focused on what’s next that they’re missing out on what’s happening now.

In response to the book hitting No. 1, Norrie stated, “Hands down, this is the proudest moment of my professional career. I’ve poured so much into this book because the subject matter is so important to me, my family. and I think to the world. All the hours in front of the computer, the times I’d wake up in the middle of the night to jot down at thought, it’s all pretty overwhelming now, to see the book become a best seller. All praise to God. I hit my knees and asked him to give this book spiritual wings and He did.”


David Norrie is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur and the founder of Turned On, a platform he created along with his wife Angelike to help preserve the lost art of face-to-face connection within the home, workspace, and faith community. Identifying himself as “a student of human interaction,” his mission is to open the eyes of those people who have put their lives on autopilot and to make them more aware of the disconnection that is rapidly happening in board rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, coffee shops, churches, and social media platforms. He desires to help people stop watering down their ability to interact with one another and express themselves more authentically by being “TURNED ON” to see with new eyes and listen with new ears to the possibilities happening all around them. He hopes to restore the light to a world going dark.

To learn more about, David Norrie, visit https://www.turnedon.com/

“Turned On: Tuning In, In a Tuned-Out World” is available in Kindle and Paperback editions in the Amazon.com store at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0886LDNXK

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