Delivery Evolution Creates A Revolution In The Restaurant Delivery Industry

Delivery Evolution a marketing company for restaurants wanting to save money on delivery fees has a message for all the struggling restaurant owners dealing with Third-Party Delivery companies. “Restaurant delivery has evolved. There is no need to pay ridiculous commissions on every order to move food from point A to point B”, says Neil Howe, owner of

Many of the big delivery companies in this ever-expanding delivery market offer restaurants the same bad deal charging up to 40% of the order total to deliver food to consumers. Howe questioned, “Why does it cost so much more to deliver a $100 food order compared to a $10 food order? The driver is performing the same service, but one delivery might cost the restaurant $30 and the other $3. Does that make sense?” When paying a commission on food order total, restaurants pay substantially more for delivery for large orders. This means more profit being lost in an already hurting and wafer-thin profit business. 

Delivery Evolution uses the services of TripDelivers a SaaS company to connect customers with restaurants and drivers and charges the restaurant a flat fee of $2 to members and $3 to non-members to deliver food orders regardless of the overall cost of the order. 

Howe says, “TripDelivers create individual merchant accounts for both restaurant and driver so that when the consumer pays for the food and delivery the money goes directly to the restaurant and driver’s accounts just like they were swiping a credit card in-store or in person. The funds get deposited the next business day which is a huge bonus for restaurants that might be used to third party delivery companies holding onto their money for days before releasing it.”

TripDelivers doesn’t get in the way of restaurant marketing and doesn’t mark up menu prices or charge miscellaneous service fees to consumers. Restaurants can set the prices as they see fit and offer coupons or offers to customers to try their new service and download the TripDelivers app

The $2 flat fee for delivery means that restaurants can save up to 80% or more on delivery fees and put the profits back into their business. Many restaurants have been forced into delivery due to the pandemic, but the delivery business has been growing 300% faster than dine-in over the last few years even before the lockdowns and dine-in restrictions of 2020 and 2021. 

The delivery system that is in place right now with most third-party delivery companies is not in favor of the restaurants, drivers or consumers which is why Delivery Evolution is encouraging restaurants to join the revolution and switch to a more profitable way to deliver food to consumers. 

Delivery Evolution wants to create happy restaurants, happy drivers and happy customers through the TripDelivers business model. 

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