Discover the Root Cause of Pain with Jacqueline M. Kane’s Stop the Pain System Interview on ABC TV

Jacqueline M. Kane, a renowned holistic pain relief expert, debunks the top three myths that are keeping women in pain in her latest discovery session. Kane reveals the root cause of pain and provides a solution to help women overcome it through her Stop the Pain System.

In an interview with ABC Morning Blend TV, Kane shares her knowledge and expertise on the crucial hidden links between physical pain and finances and the ability to live a full life.

According to Kane, the number one myth keeping women in pain is that physical pain has only physical causes. While it’s true that there are physical reasons for pain, Kane explains that the root cause of the pain is in the unconscious mind. She explains that mental and emotional contributors can play a huge role in causing pain and that it’s only when we release the unconscious programming that switched on the pain, that the pain can dissipate.

The second myth Kane debunks is that you need a doctor or medication to heal your body. Kane shares her own journey and how she believed that people in pain needed a doctor, medication, or bodywork to release the pain and heal. However, she now helps her clients get out of pain and they are all having long-lasting results and staying pain-free for days and longer without going to doctors, without taking pain medication, and without having to come in for weekly bodywork.

The third myth Kane dispels is that physical discomfort is part of aging; it’s just the way it is.

Kane says, “The truth is that your body is designed to function for one hundred years at least!”

She explains that it’s the daily choices for how a woman is living and taking care of her body that cause it to decay, such as processed foods, dehydration, lack of body movement, poor sleep hygiene, and stress. Kane emphasizes that these same factors are what she sees over and over that keep people in pain.

Kane’s Stop the Pain System has helped many women, including Joyce, who was living with daily shoulder pain, low back pain, numbness in her hands and legs, and had 9 surgeries. After working with Kane, Joyce’s pain has dramatically reduced, and she no longer needs medication every day. Kane offers a free pain relief discovery session for those who are interested in learning more about her system.

“When we understand the emotions and what’s going on in our subconscious, we can heal all the trauma that we’ve experienced, and let it go so that we can live the life we came here to live,” says Kane.

In addition, Kane has recently released her latest book, The Energy Medicine Solution: Mind Blowing Results for Living an Extraordinary Life, which is a collaboration of 24 healers who share their own healing stories and give readers tools and processes to help get out of pain and feel better, right from the comfort of their own home.

For more information, visit Jacqueline M. Kane’s website and join her for a free discovery session.


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