Dix Hills Dentist Dr. Parul Dua Makkar Raises Oral Cancer Awareness on ABC KGUN 9 and Earns Multiple Awards

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has dedicated herself to raising awareness of the disease and educating the public on its early signs and symptoms, following the premature death of her brother, Dr. Manu Dua, due to metastatic oral cancer in March 2021. She has coauthored the Award-winning book, Life Interrupted Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide which has been featured by American, Canadian, and British Dental Journals.

Dr. Makkar’s commitment to raising oral cancer awareness has earned her multiple awards, including the Women’s Achievement Award from the Indian American Forum (2023), the Denobi Award (2022), the Herald Long Island Excellence in Healthcare Award (2022), and the Power Woman of Long Island Award (2022). She has been recognized as a Hometown Hero by Channel 12 News Long Island (2023), Nominated as a Women of Inspiration Award in Canada (2023), and will be receiving the HealthCare Heroes Award May 2023 in Long Island.

During the interview on ABC KGUN 9, Dr. Makkar emphasized the importance of early detection of oral cancer and highlighted risk factors, including smoking, tobacco use, vaping, and alcohol consumption. She also discussed the link between some oral cancers and the human papillomavirus (HPV), urging people to get vaccinated against HPV as a preventive measure.

Dr. Maggie Augustyn, a fellow dentist, praised Dr. Makkar’s dedication to the cause: “Dr. Makkar is changing the landscape: she is bringing oral cancer front and center for us as providers and as family members. Through the gnawing grief of losing her own brother, also a dentist, to oral cancer, she continually writes, speaks, and records not just on the clinical understanding of the destructive disease, but also on the human side of it. She unveils herself in the most vulnerable way, openly discussing her broken heart. By humanizing her loss, she holds us (dentists) accountable for asking difficult questions. Dr. Makkar is creating a domino effect; a very significant, life-changing impact in our workplace and in our dental operatory.”

Dr. Makkar advised viewers to prioritize routine dental check-ups and be vigilant about mouth lesions that do not heal after two weeks. She also outlined the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene, as it is closely related to overall health and well-being. She lectures around US and Canada on the importance of early detection and helps save lives.

In addition to her dental practice, Dr. Makkar hosts a podcast where she interviews dental specialists and doctors on the impact of oral cancer and the Book Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide. This year Dr. Parul Dua Makkar is the chair of the Oral Cancer Foundation walk in partnership with the Nassau County Dental Society at Bethpage State Park, Long Island.

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About Dr. Parul Dua Makkar and PDM Family Dental

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar is a dentist and owner of PDM Family Dental in Jericho, N.Y. Committed to raising awareness about oral cancer, she provides comprehensive dental services and emphasizes the importance of early detection and prevention. Dr. Makkar also hosts a podcast and organizes annual events to further educate the public on the topic.

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