Dominique Dieujuste, Financial Professional & CEO of Dieujuste Financial, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Dominique Dieujuste discusses the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent vs. a captive agent.

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Dominique explained: “An independent insurance agent offers many advantages that a captive agent cannot match. For example, an independent agent is not bound to any single company and can offer policies from multiple providers. This gives customers more options when choosing coverage and allows them to compare rates, features, and benefits of different policies side-by-side to find the best fit for their needs. In addition, since independent agents work with several companies, they often have access to discounts or special offers unavailable through a single provider.”

Independent agents also possess greater expertise thanks to their knowledge of multiple companies and products as opposed to a captive agent who will only know information about one particular insurer. Their experience and understanding of the industry make them better equipped to answer questions and provide advice on policy coverage, which can help customers make the best decision for their needs.

Ultimately, an independent insurance agent offers more options, greater expertise, and access to exclusive discounts that a captive agent cannot provide. This makes working with an independent agent a great choice for those who want the most comprehensive coverage at the best possible price. They can provide personalized advice and guidance on finding the best policy for people’s needs. When it comes to insurance, working with an independent agent can make all the difference!


About Dominique Dieujuste

Dominique Dieujuste is the CEO of Dieujuste Financial, LLC. As one of Atlanta’s most trusted Financial Professionals, Dominique’s goal is to be a valuable life-time resource for all of his clients. His focus is bridging the gap to your financial future with sound retirement, financial strategy consulting, financial literacy programming and insurance options backed by unmatched customer care.

Prior to Dieujuste Financial LLC, Dominique enjoyed over six years of financial services at MetLife and National Financial Service Group, where his ability to sincerely connect with his clients cultivated his value as a financial professional. In addition to a successful career, Dominique is committed to serving his community as a mentor and coach to many young adults inspiring them to achieve their life goals.

Dominique also embraces professional community involvement as exemplified through his service as the past  President of the South Dekalb Business Association.

Dominique is a proud alumni of the University of North Georgia where he earned B.S in Finance. He enjoys playing basketball in his spare time and is committed to health and wellness.

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