Donika Gunther, Co-Founder of Mindfulness with a Purpose, Is Helping Others to Unleash Their Fullest Potential in Mind, Body and Soul

Donika Gunther, Co-Founder of Mindfulness with a Purpose, is Helping Others to Unleash their Fullest Potential in Mind, Body and Soul

Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” ~ Maya Angelou

Donika Gunther was born in the ex-communist country of Albania and grew up with five siblings and two wonderful parents.

Now living in the United States, she is the proud mother of one daughter.

For as far back as she can remember, Gunther has had a lifelong desire to help others and assist them in leading happy, successful, worry-free lives.

She has a degree in biology and chemistry and has worked as a teacher for the last 30 years and as a mentor, motivational and international speaker for the last thirteen years. 

A career she could be passionate about!

After discovering the power that meditation, yoga, and mindfulness have for improving health and wellness, Gunther decided to take her 13 years of experience in these studies and turn them into a career she could be passionate about!

Mindfulness with a Purpose was created in part due to Gunther’s aspirations of making positive change in the lives of children, by providing higher education, confidence, and self-worth.

The organization was also formed to bring awareness of mental issues, self-care, and emotional, social, and financial freedoms to the forefront for men and women and help them recognize that these are the key factors for ease and contentment in life.

Fostering personal and professional advancement

Targeted towards men, women, and children who are seeking growth and transformation in their lives, Mindfulness with Purpose fosters personal and professional advancement that allows individuals to gain a solid balance in their lives by arming them with an authentic ‘mindfulness kit’ filled with valuable tools, skills, and expertise to draw from. 

Gunther, also a mindfulness, life, and wellness coach, is an expert in healing energy and finding the power from within and has created multiple programs for clients of Mindfulness with a Purpose.

These resources include: 

  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Group Workshops
  • Webinars via Zoom
  • 8-Week Masterclass
  • Healing Energy Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • One-Time free 30-minute consulting session 
  • Free Meditation with subscription
  • Free E-book with webinar

The unique positioning that the Mindfulness with a Purpose organization exhibits is one that stands for compassion, sincerity, resilience, and positivity.

It is a practice that has been created to offer clients quality services with affordable pricing and can be utilized locally or internationally via internet, Zoom, or phone.

Individual products delivered online

Gunther’s educational and value-based programs are customized for each client’s needs, and her light-hearted and empathetic approach allows her to fully accept, support, and empower clients every step of the way and always without judgment. 

Over the years, Gunther has been the recipient of several awards including a prestigious “Saving Lives Award” in April of 2019 and in May of 2019, she was recognized by the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, and Mayor of Erie, PA, Joseph V. Schember, for her services of empowering the youth, refugees, and immigrants through teaching and transitional services.

Leaving behind limiting mindsets

Her story has been featured in Global Woman Magazine and is an inspiration for women to start over and leave behind limiting mindsets that inhibit dreams from becoming a reality.

Gunther also works with various organizations and non-profits where she educates staff on stress-management, health and wellness, and violence against women.

Upcoming book and online course

She is currently in the process of finishing her book, Awakening to My Purpose After Divorce, and launching an online course, Discover Yourself & Live Your Vision with a Leader Mindset. 

Gunther recognizes that the energy of the mind is the essence of life, and the energy of love is the essence of living. In knowing this, it is her mission to educate and provide individuals the tools they need to live a happier and more balanced life. 

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  1. Kathy Sheraw

    Great article about a most wonderful, strong woman who has helped me to find peace and direction in my life. Donikas talents are beyond belief and I feel fortunate to know her.

  2. Donika is wonderful,supportive,strong,amazing mother,sister and I am so proud of you.You are helping others and inspire through your story and being so supportive to them.You are not only my older sister but you are like mother to me .You are my inspiration and role model. Love you and keep going with your mission.Peace and love .

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