Downers Grove Autobody Repairs Shop, Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc., Recognized For Over 5 Years of I-CAR Gold Certification Status

Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc, located in Downers Grove, IL, is pleased to celebrate the 5th anniversary of achieving and maintaining their I-CAR Gold Certification status. This prestigious certification highlights their commitment to providing safe and quality repairs to their valued customers.

With access to the manufacturers’ recommendations for vehicles and the knowledge and know-how to implement them properly, Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc ensures that their customers receive a better quality repair compared to other shops that may ignore this crucial information.

Michael Carter, owner of Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc, explains that ongoing training and education play a vital role in their ability to deliver exceptional repairs. By staying up-to-date on newer repair methods and adhering to OEM recommendations, their team is well-equipped to handle the complexities of repairing newer vehicles. This level of expertise sets them apart from other shops that do not invest in continuing education and may lack the knowledge required for proper repairs.

The I-CAR Gold Certification has not only improved the capacity of Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc to take on challenging repairs, but it has also enhanced their ability to repair hybrid and electric vehicles. By staying informed about the latest trends and advancements in vehicle construction, they can provide efficient and effective repairs, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

Michael Carter emphasizes the importance of I-CAR certification in this ever-evolving industry, stating, “Vehicle technology is changing quickly. If you’re not keeping up with it, or, if you’re not educating yourself, then there’s no way you’re just going to pick this stuff up on your own. It’s something that you have to be made aware of by the manufacturers and by continuing education. Otherwise, you’re working in the dark.”

Achieving and maintaining I-CAR Gold Certification requires a commitment to continuing education. Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc diligently keeps up with new trends, vehicle technology, and annual classes and testing from I-CAR. This dedication allows them to stay ahead of the industry and provide the highest quality repairs to their customers.

By certifying every position in the shop, including estimators, technicians, and painters, Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc Inc ensures that their entire team is knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle any repair. The feedback from their staff further demonstrates their commitment to ongoing education and their recognition of its importance.

Looking ahead, Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc sees the I-CAR certification as a catalyst for continuous improvements in their customers’ experience. By staying informed about newer vehicle technology and trends, they can provide safer and faster repairs. This knowledge also prevents the issue of customers receiving a car that is only partially repaired, saving them from potential future headaches and costly repairs.

About Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc:
One of the most trusted Downers Grove autobody repairs shops, Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc maintains the highest standards of collision repair and customer service. With a commitment to providing safe and quality repairs, their team holds I-CAR Gold Certification, showcasing their dedication to ongoing training and education in the rapidly changing field of vehicle technology. Third-generation owner Michael Carter maintains the tradition of providing the best possible auto body repair experience for their customers. Their reputation and their commitment to excellent customer service – before, during, and after the repair – are backed by a written repair warranty.

To learn more about the company or to procure their services, visit their website or contact them via (630) 352-3578.

Location Info:
Bob Carter’s Auto Body Inc
4309 Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 852-3578

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