Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy and Sober on Demand Welcomes New Coaches to Innovative Programs

Dr. Cali Estes, renowned addiction recovery expert and founder of The Addictions Academy and Sober on Demand, is thrilled to announce the addition of new coaches to her pioneering programs. The expansion of these programs reinforces Dr. Estes’ commitment to transforming lives affected by addiction and providing innovative solutions for individuals seeking recovery.

New and highlighted coaches include: Michael Lyles – Recovery Coach, Katherine Fannin – Substance Abuse Professional, Susie Cartwright – MA, LADC, Amari Spievey – Former Detroit Lion, Recovery Coach, Vance Johnson – Former Denver Bronco, Christian Coach, and Sean Dykes – Personal Security.

The Addictions Academy has solidified its position as a leading provider of addiction recovery and coaching certification programs. With a profound mission to create lasting change, The Addictions Academy offers a diverse range of certification courses and comprehensive training programs for aspiring coaches and professionals in the addiction recovery field. The academy’s curriculum is carefully designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to make a significant impact in the lives of those struggling with addiction.

“We are excited to welcome talented coaches to The Addictions Academy,” said Dr. Cali Estes. “Our programs empower individuals to become compassionate and highly effective addiction recovery coaches, equipped with the skills to support clients on their journey towards lasting recovery. Through our comprehensive training, we strive to elevate the standards of addiction coaching, ultimately benefiting both the coaches and their clients.”

In addition to The Addictions Academy, Dr. Cali Estes proudly presents Sober on Demand, a groundbreaking alternative to traditional addiction treatment programs. Sober on Demand offers a unique, client-centered approach to recovery, customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual. Gone are the days of being herded from group to group or limited time with underqualified counselors. Sober on Demand brings the recovery process to the client’s preferred location, be it their home, office, hotel, tour bus, or beach house. Clients can also opt to meet the dedicated team in Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

“Our Sober on Demand program has proven to be incredibly successful due to its personalized and confidential nature,” explained Dr. Cali Estes. “By tailoring the recovery experience to the client’s unique circumstances, we empower them to achieve sustainable sobriety on their own terms. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing discreet, confidential, and effective support throughout the entire process.”

The Addictions Academy and Sober on Demand, under the leadership of Dr. Cali Estes, continue to lead the way in revolutionizing addiction recovery and coaching. By welcoming new coaches to these programs, Dr. Estes strengthens the resources and expertise available to individuals seeking comprehensive support and guidance in their journey towards long-lasting recovery.

For more information about The Addictions Academy and Sober on Demand, please visit their respective websites at www.theaddictionsacademy.com and www.soberondemand.com.

About Dr. Cali Estes:

Dr. Cali Estes is a seasoned addiction recovery coach, therapist, and founder of The Addictions Academy and Sober on Demand. With over 24 years of experience, Dr. Estes has become a leading authority in the field of addiction recovery, providing cutting-edge coaching and training programs. Her dedication to helping individuals overcome addiction has earned her recognition and respect from clients worldwide.

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