Dr Jess Tayel announces the “The Emergence Program” launch, the integrated practical program for leaders to deliver effective and adopted organizational change.

Executive Coach Dr Jess Tayel launches a new intake of the signature program “Emergence” designed to help leaders and corporate businesses create their future, support leaders, teams, and organizations, to serve powerfully and deliver a meaningful impact without burning budgets, missing the mark or creating change that is not fit for purpose

The program is designed to work with a handful of leaders to provide a personalized experience, knowledge sharing, and impactful tools and frameworks. The program offers practical and diversified case studies that will increase the leaders’ awareness and capabilities  to deliver what is needed and earn a seat at the table

“This program helps build leadership capabilities, design high-performing teams, craft and deliver change and transformation programs without the guesswork, needless busyness, creation of toxic environments, or burning out,” explains Dr Jess Tayel.

Jess guides leaders to play to their strengths, unleash their potential, create, and lead meaningful change for their organizations and customers, add value, create thriving cultures, and accelerate their career progression without being stuck.

The Emergence program has already helped many leaders and organizations from around the Globe to create impactful change faster and better

“The program has proved invaluable and helped me unlock next-level thinking. It’s hard to find an expert who is highly empathetic, not afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear and make you see what you can’t see to open up higher levels of awareness. Jess is also a great listener, easy to open up to, and a highly trusted individual who genuinely cares. As a result, I feel more confident having Jess as my coach & mentor as a guide into my next chapter as a senior executive leader,” affirms Vaughn, Senior Transformation Executive.

Jess is also the #1 international bestselling author of the book “Yes I Can” 15 Mindset Secrets from Inspiring Entrepreneurs. In her book, Dr Jess shares the various strategies, mindset shifts, and the principles of becoming successful without getting stuck in the rat race. The book has earned tons of positive reviews from established entrepreneurs and aspirants.

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About Dr Jess Tayel

With over 23 years of global change experience, Dr Jess Tayel has lived and worked in 11 countries and 5 continents. She is humbled by the Human experiences she has gone through from being in a war, political un-rests, chronic diseases, loss of a child, loss of hope and the comeback. Jess is a certified executive coach who earned her Business Transformation and Change doctorate in 2021 and expects to continue offering meaningful and impactful transformation to organizations and leaders.

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