Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop, Founder & CEO of Multilingual Connections, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Jill Kushner Bishop, PhD discusses the importance of culturally nuanced translation when conducting business globally.

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Today’s global market is more competitive than ever, and language and cultural barriers can be a significant hurdle when marketing to diverse audiences. To succeed in the international market, it’s essential to connect with multilingual audiences, and that’s why having a translation agency as a trusted partner is so essential.

Jill explained: “When you’re looking to do business internationally, it’s essential to create connections and trust with your target audience. When there’s a language barrier, that can present challenges and cause you to miss out on opportunities. And it goes beyond language – you also have to understand the cultures of your markets and the different expectations businesses and consumers may have. At Multilingual Connections, we partner with our clients to ensure that they’re well-positioned with professional translation services that resonate both linguistically and culturally.”

To ensure successful collaborations with international partners, companies need to prioritize language and cross-cultural understanding. In addition to partnering with a professional translation agency, conducting in-market research with bilingual moderators and hiring multilingual staff who can bridge cultural differences can make a tremendous impact.

Hiring employees with diverse backgrounds fosters creative problem-solving and better decision-making processes, all of which have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.  For those that have an international workforce, localization elearning content is an important step in training and developing employees and ensuring effective learning in their native languages.

Leveraging language and cultural nuance presents opportunities to connect with global audiences for international growth. By understanding different perspectives, people can collaborate more effectively across borders, ultimately leading to greater success in the international market.


About Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop

No matter where in the world Jill is or what she’s doing – she’s always focusing on creating connections across languages and cultures. After studying and teaching internationally, Jill brought her Ph.D. in Linguistic Anthropology to the corporate world, where she worked as a user researcher for Sapient and then oversaw Language, Culture & Diversity Programs for 100+ Chipotle Mexican Grill locations.

In 2005, she launched Multilingual Connections to help organizations understand, engage, and grow their multilingual audiences. Their customized services include translation, transcription, multimedia localization, and bilingual research support services. When she’s not working, Jill is spending time with her husband and teen son, renovating houses, and trying to make her garden grow.

Learn more:  https://multilingualconnections.com/




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