Dr. Klaus Book On Real Estate Investors Success Debuts No.1 On Amazon Best Seller List

New York- New Life Vision, LLC recently announced that the book “Real Estate Investors Success: Showcasing America’s Real Estate Investors!” reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.

“Dr. Klaus’s chapter was a vital and valuable contribution to the success of the book” according to the publisher, TC Bradley

“Dr. Klaus is an amazing business leader, and I am thrilled we signed him to another book deal,” said Bradley.

Dr. Klaus also achieved best-seller status with his 2 other real estate books.

Born and raised in Minden, Germany, Dr.Klaus immigrated to the USA with his wife and youngest son in 1999 and settled in Florida after a successful career in the Restaurant and Baking Industry.

In his spare time in Germany, he was a Volunteer Firefighter and an actor on an open-air stage. Interested in alternative healing methods and Quantum Physics and thinking outside the box he became a REIKI-Master and Instructor of Workshops “Power of Mind – your thoughts create your world”. He also attended himself Seminars conducted by the SILVA MIND Method and the Vera Birkenbihl Method in Germany & Austria.

In Florida he learned quickly that the business world is different, American Football is different to English Football or German Fussball, and Kindergarten has a different meaning as he was a participant and student of the differences in the American and German cultures.

In 2000 he decided to start a new profession in Real Estate, became a Realtor, and in 2002 he met the Real Estate Gurus Ron LeGrand, and Lou Brown to learn about Real Estate Investing.

After attending some of these Real Estate Seminars he saw a big opportunity in Land and sold hundreds of Lots in Lee County, as Realtor and or Investor.

Dr. Klaus may be contacted at http://www.DrSantaKlaus.com

“Real Estate Investors Success: Showcasing America’s Real Estate Investors!” is available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R1J5GS6


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