Drs. Patricia and Anthony Pivonka Of Pivonka Health & Wellness Offer Telemed Consultations During COVID-19 Crisis

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and many places under a “stay at home” orders, both people and businesses have been forced transition to a “work from home” or “spatial distancing model.” Chiropractors are concerned that patients and those in pain might not have access to their normal care and wanted to think outside of the box and offer a way for patients to get access to their knowledge and experience, as well as to be able to check in on the health status on patients who have been undergoing ongoing treatment, especially those with serious health concerns or conditions that need regular monitoring such as scoliosis.

To this end, Pivonka Health is now offering a Telemed option for consultation. To schedule a Telemed appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic and “stay at home” orders call, (480) 892-0022. Or, visit: http://www.PivonkaHealth.com or http://www.CorrectScoliosis.com to schedule a consultation. Telemed appointments are conducted online instead of in the office, keeping everyone safe during times where there is concern about the COVID-19 virus spreading.

The Telemed option is perfect for people that might have to travel long distances or are currently unable to come to the clinic. New patients that have been diagnosed with Scoliosis or are concerned they may have scoliosis are able to use Telemed so that they can have a consultation, despite the current barriers for some to making an in- person visit to the office. In situations such as these, it is better not to delay consultation and treatment. It is possible to get questions answered now, and to discuss treatment options.

Telemed conference calls take place with a licensed practitioner. Telemed can also be used for consultation related to acute pain (from back pain to earaches) and even for those with flu like symptoms if someone is not sure if they should visit the ER.  

Dr. Anthony Pivonka explained, “Telemed consultations are a great way to save time and reduce the cost of treatment. Meeting with patients remotely certainly does not take the place of in-office visits but oftentimes we can check on progress, update treatment plans, provide guidance and allay fears with a simple over the phone consultation. With the virus outbreak and shelter-in-place orders we’re all living under, Telemed is an innovative work-around that allows us to continue to help and protect our patients.”

Dr. Pivonka’s statement is echoed by Brian Wu, PhD, in an article on healthline.com wherein he states, “There are several advantages to telemedicine. One of the biggest is it gives you access to specialists and information that you might not readily have access to otherwise. During a telemedicine consultation, you usually have a chance to tell the doctor about your medical  history and ask questions. In turn, the specialist can ask you questions directly.

This telemedicine setup is better than trying to relay information to your doctor or nurse, and then having them relay the message. The specialist can hear the sound of your cough or see your swollen eyes. You can hear firsthand about your diagnosis and treatment options.”

Pivonka Health & Wellness is a chiropractic/pain management clinic in Gilbert, Arizona. Husband and wife team, Drs. Anthony and Patricia Pivonka are dedicated to helping to heal patients through their chiropractic practice by using the latest in technology, preventative care, and chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Patricia Pivonka says, “I hope to change the world, one person at a time. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people get out of pain and heal their body so they can live their best, pain-free life.”

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To learn more about Drs. Patty and Anthony Pivonka and Pivonka Health & Wellness visit: http://www.PivonkaHealth.com or http://www.CorrectScoliosis.com. To make an appointment, call (480) 892-0022.

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