Eddie James, CKA® Owner of Harvest Wealth Management, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing How to Know How Much Money is Enough for Retirement

Eddie James discusses budgeting for retirement.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-eddie-james-cka-owner-of-harvest-wealth-management-how-to-know-how-much-money-is-enough-for-retirement/

In the episode, Mike Saunders and Eddie James discuss the importance of considering expenses and income streams when planning for retirement. They emphasize the significance of understanding both current and projected expenses to bridge the gap between people’s current financial situation and retirement goals.

To start, Eddie James suggests thoroughly examining expenses. This involves identifying current expenses and considering how they may change during retirement. He notes that expenses may increase due to factors like inflation and increased spending on activities such as travel.

To address the gap between current and projected expenses, Eddie James recommends considering income streams. Eddie proposes dividing income streams into two categories: guaranteed income and non-guaranteed income. Guaranteed income sources include Social Security, pensions, and annuities, which provide a steady and predictable income throughout retirement. Non-guaranteed income sources, such as investments and savings, carry more risk and may fluctuate over time.

Eddie James advises against relying solely on either guaranteed or non-guaranteed income. Relying only on guaranteed income may limit potential growth and fail to cover long-term expenses. Conversely, relying solely on non-guaranteed income exposes retirees to market volatility and inconsistent income.

To ensure a comprehensive retirement plan, Eddie James suggests considering other factors that can impact financial stability, such as inflation, taxes, and expenses. Eddie highlights the significance of inflation and how everyday item costs have increased over time. Additionally, he mentions the three stages of retirement: go-go years, slow-go years, and no-go years. Each stage has different spending patterns and financial needs that should be taken into account when planning for retirement.

Overall, he emphasizes the need to carefully assess expenses and income streams to bridge the gap between people’s current financial situation and projected retirement expenses. By considering these factors and planning accordingly, individuals can work towards a more secure and comfortable retirement.

Eddie shared: “Shepherding you to an impactful standard of living and standard of giving”


About Eddie James

Eddie has a clear vision to do things differently as a certified pastor and fiduciary advisor. He wants to challenge conventional thinking in financial services that seem to be all about selling expensive and baffling financial products to the public to generate large commissions, but which never seem to solve the real-world issues faced by clients. He has established a client-focused business culture in which he spends time getting to know his clients, listening to them attentively, understanding them, and building a long-term relationship as a true trusted adviser.

Eddie believes that helping clients see money from God’s perspective changes every decision with money and so he is passionate about providing biblically-centric financial planning to help you achieve the aspirations and objectives you feel God is calling you in life.

He has an incredible innate ability to translate complicated financial and tax strategies into plain English. His diversified experience working with professional employees, churches, and other non-profits helps them understand and answer client queries to the best of his knowledge. He wants to make sure that his clients are as well-versed and well-organized financially as he is, with a defined plan for how their investment funds will be managed to achieve their goals.

Eddie is all about helping others. Eddie believes that helping clients see money from God’s perspective changes every decision with money. Christian clients want a return on their money and have an impact on the world. They realize the brevity of life and see their wealth to invest for eternity and so Eddie devotes a lot of his time to teaching financial literacy, leading a Stewardship ministry, and helping to create healthy churches in Arizona, the United States, and throughout the world. Eddie has a lovely wife and three lovely girls who occupy most of his time outside of the office yet encourage him to look after your funds as if they were his own.

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